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How to Create An Outstanding Lawyer Profile

There is so much competition in the legal marketplace, so much that being a great lawyer is not enough. This is due to a lot of other great lawyers competing against you. Hence, you need an impeccable lawyer profile to make you stand out among the rest.

What is a lawyer profile?

A lawyer profile is a professional online profile that displays a lawyer’s experience and practice.

Creating a unique and high-quality profile showcases you and your services to the world, which in turn brings clients to your doorstep. It is necessary to upload your lawyer profile on LinkedIn or on legal websites like Chambers & Partners.

What are the benefits of a lawyer profile?

  • High exposure to potential clients.
  • Creates a reputable brand for you or your firm.
  • Higher ranking and visibility of your website on search engine result page.

The Best Ways To Create An Outstanding Lawyer Profile

1. A profile picture counts

A profile picture is one of the first things people notice about your profile. It is essential to upload quality and appropriate profile photographs. The kind of picture you should use must exclude selfies, avatars, group photographs, and stock images.

An appropriate profile picture requires a head-on photograph of you in a formal outfit. This will give prospective clients a clue about you even when they’ve not met with you. Without a profile picture, a client will certainly not be interested in you or your services.

2. Sell yourself

This is an avenue for you to talk about your experiences, your accomplishments, and your awards on your profile. It is a remarkable way to get a lot of clients. This is because lots of people actually go for more experienced and accomplished lawyers to help them in legal cases.

And if you’re still a newbie with less experience, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is package your profile in a way that showcases you as a capable and competent lawyer. Clients will be drawn to you nonetheless.

Here’s how you should go:

  1. List out your education qualifications; like where earned your degree and Juris Doctorate.
  2. Highlight the firms you’ve worked with and state your roles there.
  3. List out your big breaks, accomplishments, accolades, and awards.
  4. Also, add your experiences in every legal specialization you’ve worked in.

This gives your clients brief but important information about you and what they should expect when requiring your services.

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3. Give out value

Now that clients have seen your picture and how far you’ve come in this field, there should be something you give back to the online community free of charge. Value.

By publishing blog posts and articles on your lawyer profile, you communicate with clients about your values, principles, and things you believe in and fight for.

Also, through writing, you can offer legal advice on legal issues. Doing this consistently on your profile helps you demonstrate your expertise and perspective about trending issues in the legal field. Why wouldn’t clients want to work with someone who knows and does his job?

Articles have a way of bringing visibility to your profile or website. You can get lots and lots of traffic and followers by uploading juicy content on your profile.

4. Never underestimate Twitter

Twitter is all about trending news and stories, flow with it. Use Twitter to your advantage. Open a Twitter account. Don’t just follow or read about the latest thing trending, talk about it. Build a strong presence online by dishing out quality content (or tweets) and gain a massive following in return.


The purpose of your lawyer profile is to make clients want to require your services. It is therefore important to remember that your online presence is for them to take notice of you. Don’t get swayed by the distraction of the internet.
It takes a while to build a strong authority online, however, it can be achieved through consistency and flexibility.

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