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How to Have More Clients As a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being a criminal lawyer is quite an overwhelming career, both as an experienced attorney and as a newbie. However, it’s a fulfilling, rewarding, and very profitable specialization in the legal marketplace.

However, because of the competition among lawyers of different expertise and experiences, climbing the ladder of a successful criminal law career is as tough as a nut. This is why we’ve come up with this article. We’ll be sharing five, just five unfailing tips to help you grow in the criminal defense practice and find more clients who will be needing your services as a criminal lawyer. Let’s begin

Become a Brand

Criminal law is a very competitive industry. Standing out takes a lot of time and effort. There has to be something that pulls you out of the crowd into the limelight of the legal marketplace. This only happens when you’ve built a solid reputation and made yourself a brand that no one can help but notice.

You should ask yourself what are the things that could make you have a solid and great reputation in my field as a criminal lawyer. It might be finding a job at a reputable law firm or being mentored directly by an expert criminal lawyer.

Also, being a volunteer in your community or attending and supporting charities can help. This is a question you alone can answer. Look around you and find ways to build yourself into a solid brand.

Sell Yourself

Yes, you heard that correctly.
After taking you weeks or months or even years to build a reputable brand, you have to sell yourself or/and your firm to the public. Advertising and marketing your firm or yourself comes with so many irresistible advantages.

How do I market and advertise myself and my firm?

Build an online presence: Create a professional website for your firm and a lawyer profile for yourself. With the help of the internet, you can have so much traffic and following that can be converted into clients.

Always endeavor to have your website and webpages optimized in order to rank high on search engine result pages. Remember, there’s also competition online, so hire an SEO expert to manage your websites.

Social media counts: Having a LinkedIn profile is mandatory as a lawyer. Other, social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are also necessary for growth and advertising.

  • Set up your brand’s logo and online contact details that clients can reach.
  • Market yourself in legal directories for more following.

Host an Active and Engaging Blog

Hosting an engaging blog on your website is a sure way to drive traffic to your website. If you cannot find time to create blog posts, you should hire a professional website content writer or article writer skilled in legal matters.

Why should I have a blog on my website?

  • People are always in need of information and answers to trending queries
  • Organic traffic is assured
  • Build an online authority for yourself and your firm.
  • You can build an email marketing list.

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Brag about your brand

Yes. Do so.
Use your website or lawyer profile to display your testimonials, awards, achievements, and accomplishments.
Open a review and recommendation section on your websites. Ask for testimonials from clients. Tell them to recommend you. All these are techniques for you to appear efficient and credible in your job. Remember that clients are drawn to lawyers with a high record of achievement. Don’t downplay your success.

Never Stop Learning

This is a significant factor. Once you’ve been able to build a reputable brand for yourself and your firm, don’t stop learning, don’t stop stretching, don’t stop achieving.

Professional development is necessary for you and your firm. It is an unavoidable way to thrive in the legal industry. Hire the best kind of employees and continue to train them. Don’t put up with mediocrity and complacency, even from top personnel working for you.
Invest in training courses, conferences, and seminars for yourself and the members of your team. Create an atmosphere and environment that mirrors creativity, hard work, smart work, and effectiveness. Don’t be afraid of change. Take up new challenges that come with modern facilities and gadgets and incorporate them into your workspace. Everything is evolving, don’t be left behind.


It takes time and effort to stand out in a competitive field like criminal defense practice. Start today and make a reputable brand for yourself and your firm, sell yourself to the world, invest in blogposts, branch out about your achievements, and never stop learning.

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