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How To Effectively File For Asylum In The US

Are you scared of going back to your country? Are you seeking asylum in the United States of America? We’ve come up with the best guide and tips to help you gain asylum in the US. Keep reading until the very end.

Being granted asylum in the US can be pretty difficult if you do not have a clear and convincing reason. That’s why we’ve come up with this detailed guide to help you effectively file for asylum.

We are going to share a detailed guide on how to effectively file for asylum at the borders of the US. Let’s begin.

1. Keep your original documents handy

Since you’ve decided to stay away from the horrible events taking place in your country, it is possible and may be necessary to seek asylum at the US borders.

However, the most important thing you must never forget when leaving your country is your original documents. These documents are confirmation that you’re trying to escape from your country and your life is at stake. There should also be evidence of your nationality, religion, or tribe.

2. Reveal what has befallen you

You’re going to meet face to face with an immigration officer. This is where you reveal your ordeal. It is necessary to prepare for a credible fear interview. You should show evidence revealing that either your religion, your tribe, or you, in particular, is in danger or treated badly.

For instance, you can talk about how you live in a place dominated by extreme Moslems while you’re a Christian. Your life is threatened and the police are doing nothing about it. That’s enough story to grant you asylum.

You can also show medical reports of injuries or health-related issues you’ve encountered due to the threats you’ve received. If there are videos, letters, or pictures that are disturbing and threatening, take them along. Any info you need to tell them your life is in danger should not be left behind.

Note: Your medical reports and evidence should all be in English.

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3. Face The Credible Fear Interview

This is where you reveal all that has befallen you to the immigration officer. Be rest assured that you’ll be questioned. Be prepared and give vital information and answers.

If you cannot speak English, you have the right to an interpreter. Ask the officers for an interpreter.

4. Be Ready For Possible Outcomes

If the officers find your evidence convincing, there are two things likely to happen.

One thing is that they’ll let you go, but of course, with a court letter. The second is that they’ll detain you in an ICE jail. Much worse, they’ll be quarantined and have you immunized.
However, you can be in detention (or quarantine)and be allowed to attend hearings.

Also, you can get out of detention by bond. That’s if you can afford it.

If you get released by bond, you’ll be wearing a tracking bracelet. They will monitor your movements. You also have to check in with them monthly. You have to show then that you’re still here.

5. Apply For Asylum

Apply for asylum. You do this by filling out the l-589 form. When USCIS receives it, you are likely to get work authorization. But have this in mind, it might take a year to get work authorization in the US.

This is what you should do to get a work permit faster; sign up for the ASAP Class membership or Casa De Maryland Class membership. Being a member gives you more chances to apply for a work permit after 6 months.

6. Court hearings

Top advice: Find a superb asylum lawyer. Getting asylum in the US can be very tiring and of course, a long process. A good lawyer can reduce your chances of facing deportation.

How the judge thinks

If you have a European passport, you may not be granted asylum because you could have just flown on a plane to the US.
You need to find super convincing evidence for the judge to grant you asylum.

Additional tips

Take every proof and evidence needed to help you win the asylum case. Make sure to file for asylum within a year if entering the USA.
One important thing is to receive therapy. Sign up for free therapy sessions. This proves that you’ve been in trauma due to what you experienced in your country. If possible, have your therapist testify as a witness for you in court.

Also, if you left your country because of religious crises, it’s important to continue practicing your religion in the United States.


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