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Best SEO Tools 2023 For Website Ranking

In the SEO to find some site errors and problems we need to use tools that have already passed their exam via checking such issues. We also need tools to help us build backlinks and content strategy. This article attempts to introduce the most important and practical SEO tools to use in this present 2023.

1- Webmaster Tools, or Google Console

Web master tools, the old name of the console search, are applications that provide the user with 400 series errors, CTR rates, sitemap index, index status, external link status, etc., and a useful SEO tool to check your rank in Google search appearance. Visit webmaster tool 

2. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can check the number of entries from Google and check the growth of users’ clicks from the Google Portal. This tool can also help you find some 404 errors. Visit Google analytic 

3- screaming Frog

This tool is very useful and it helps you to check all the important tags including ALT, Canonical and tags. Check out Screaming frog

4- MOZ Bar

With this tool you can get DA and PA for each site and build on your data content strategy and link building. Check out Moz bar


This tool is free for most of its important and functional parts and is very helpful in finding the right keywords for competitor sites. Check out Semrush

6- similarweb

With the help of similar web tools you can compare how multiple sites work together: The speed, the number of hits, the platform most users visit, and more. Visit similarweb

7- kwfinder

With this tool you can find keywords, synonyms and common sense that is more searched in Google. It also gives you the difficulty of words. Visit kwfinder

8- GTmetrix

With this tool you can check the speed of the site and see the problems that have caused the site to slow down. Visit GTmetrix

9- pitchbox

This tool is very useful for making backlinks. You can have a list of sites that you can backlink by inserting content. Visit pitchbox

10- slerpee

With the help of this tool you can check how the site is displayed in Google results and see the changes in the meta description and .. The impact of the changes on the site rank at the same time. Visit slerpee

11. beamusup

This tool works somewhat like a screaming frog, and you can help with site scanning. Check it out here

12- SeoChat Schema Generators

With this tool you can create your own Eskimo source code and paste it into your site. Visit site here

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Many SEO tools have been developed, and each has its own useful features. In this article, we tried to introduce the most important and useful ones. More useful tools to enhance site rank will be updated to this article so endeavor to bookmark for latter visit.