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Take Charge of Your Student Life: 9 Must Have Tools for Students

As a student, you should always have a good grasp of using the tools provided to you. In the online world, you have a plethora of tools at your disposal. However, there are so many great tools out there, and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time. So, what are the must have tools for students?

Top 9 Useful Tools for Better Studies 

Being a student comes with different ups and downs, but you’re still a student at the end of the day. You know how it is when you’re in college. The time is flying by; you’re stressed out about your assignments, anxious about your next exam, and just can’t get it all done. So, what tools should you carry with you while you’re studying? Here are some of the must have tools for students.


It is a tool that enables students to get affordable and good-quality educational materials and supports students’ creativity and learning. When you decide to purchase from PaperCheap, you know what you are getting because you have seen it. It is not a cheap imitation. Most of the tools come in paper form, and it is easy to find what you need. This is much cheaper than buying books from a bookstore or getting them from an online store.


Knewton is one of the must have tools for students that is an online management tool that makes it easy to track your time, expenses, and assignments. It can help you stay focused on the things that matter most to you. Organize your courses and assignments, understand your GPA, and get advice from your network to get the most out of university. When you sign up, you’ll get a free trial to try it out. And if you’re a college student, you’ll find it’s a great way to keep track of your spending and time management.


A tool that can help to organize, study, and share quiz material online and to keep track of quizzes, grades, subjects, and study groups. Usually, when you study a subject, you have to memorize a lot of facts, definitions, and formulas. This is a great way to learn, but it can also be a huge burden. Quizlet lets you organize all these facts, formulas, and definitions into a single, easy-to-access location, where you can learn at your own pace.


The popular note-taking app was originally designed for notetaking, but it’s more popular than ever for making notes on almost anything. With Evernote, it’s easy to save web pages, ideas, and web clippings that you want to reference later. You can then access them on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or desktop computer, making Evernote a handy tool for everyone.


CourseHero is one of the must have tools for students that helps you find and manage all your classes and related information. The site also lets you search for and share information about classes and professors with your friends and classmates. Course Hero does a lot more than provide a place to store and organize your class schedule, but many students don’t realize that their entire academic life is already organized.


The new Grammarly extension for your Chrome browser is a free, essential tool that can help you be a better writer. One of the most important writing skills is grammar. It’s important to recognize the difference between a noun and a verb. By using the Grammarly extension, you can improve your grammar, which will make you a better writer.


As a student, you need to be connected, but it can be hard to find time to be connected. This is where MyStudyLife comes in. It will help you stay connected while doing other things. If you hear a presentation, create a snapshot to show your progress and post it to Facebook. If you watch a video, add it to your To-Do list and share it with friends. If you need to write a paper, save it to the cloud, and you’re all set.

Marinara Timer 

Marinara Timer is an award-winning software tool for students.  It helps you keep track of important things like daily work time, schoolwork time, school breaks, holidays, studying, eating, sleeping, etc.


SchoolTraq is one of the must have tools for students that helps students organize their life with projects, tasks, files, notes, links, and presentations. So, they can keep up with their work, be productive, stay organized and study smarter.

A good tool could save you time, make your life easier, help you learn, or help you organize your everyday life. It is just wise that you find the tool that is right for you. To add, if you are looking for a paraphrasing tool to work on your writing assignment, you can visit paraphrased.io to know more about its features.

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What is the essence of online tools for today’s students?

After students graduate, many will continue their education online. But, if you want to make the most of your learning experience, you’ll want to make the most of your tools as well. In fact, a great tool can go a long way toward helping you succeed, so you should invest in a tool that will increase your productivity and streamline your learning.

Well, the internet has changed the way we communicate and learn, and with that comes the need for effective communication tools. After all, the internet is not the same as the library or classroom where you may have spent the majority of your time learning. The online environment is far more dynamic, interactive, and collaborative. Students should be able to reach out to other students, teachers, and the school through efficient must have tools for students to better help them prepare for the future.