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Top 5 Online Notepad Tools for Bloggers and Writers

Whether you are a student, a professional writer, or a blogger, content writing is going to be one of your core responsibilities.

You need to create quality content that is engaging and completely readable for humans. 

Although you can learn the basic rules for readability and create content around them, there are certain online content writing tools that you can use to make the process even simpler for yourself. 

Online Content Writing Tools enable you to create content in a distraction-free environment and help you write content that comes naturally to you. 

Along with that, the online content writing tools are known for the additional features like Grammar Checking and Plagiarism Detection that they have to offer. 

In this article about Content Writing tools, we are going to walk you through some of the best online software solutions that writers and bloggers can use to create quality content. 

Top 5 Online Content Writing Tools for Bloggers and Writers

1. Editpad.org

Editpad is a top-rated online content writing solution that works as your personal notepad. You can use this software to write content, whenever and wherever you want.

The thing that makes this online notepad stand out from other options on the internet is the ease of access that it has to offer. 

Editpad.org works on laptops as well as mobile web browsers. And since the web app is quite fast, you can easily start it up and use it to write content. 

This content writing tool offers additional features including Plagiarism Detection, Paraphrasing, Grammar Checking, and online Notes saving. 

Best Features

  • Free online notepad 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Offers additional helpful tools 

2. OnlineTextEditor.net

OnlineTextEditor.net is one of the most powerful online text editor tools that you can use to write all kinds of content online.

Once you are done writing the content, you can either download it on your PC or save notes online.

Along with content writing, this online notepad tells you the total word count, and characters count in your content. 

So, if you have to follow a certain characters limit in your content, you can keep track of that using this particular online notepad. 

The user experience of OnlineTextEditor.net is quite simple and fairly self-explanatory. 

Best Features

  • Simple to use Online Text Editor
  • Save the notes online or on your PC
  • Gives you the total words and characters count in the notes

3. Utilities-Online.info

If you are looking for a complete online text editor solution, then you should check out the Editpad by Utilities-online.info

This text editor allows you to write content, edit it, add media to it, insert tables, and do many other things. 

This free text editor is the best online alternative for tools like MS word. And the best part is, Editpad is completely free. 

After writing the content via this tool, you can download it as a PDF or a Word DOC file.

Best Features

  • Complete text editor solution 
  • Offers text formatting options
  • Allows you to add media files and tables 

4. Onlinenotebook.net

Online Notebook is a great app for students and writers who want to take notes of their thoughts or the online research. 

This app features an interactive user interface. A notable feature of this app is it generates a URL against your written notes. You can copy this URL and use it to access your notes, anytime and anywhere you want to. 

You can either get the editable URL for yourself or the read-only URL to share your notes with people who you don’t want to edit the file. 

Best Features 

  • Interactive user interface 
  • Editable URL link for accessing the file yourself
  • Read Only URL link for sharing the file with someone else 

5. Wordpad.cc

Wordpad.cc is a handy online note-taking app for content writers that provides them with a dedicated URL for the notes that they type in it. You can use that URL to access the file on any device that you want to. 

If you want to make your notes secure, you can add a password for the file. And you can also get the shareable link to share this file with people across the internet. 

Best Features

  • Easy to use Online Text Editor
  • Share files via a shareable URL 
  • Set a password for the notes 

Wrapping Up

Even if you feel like your writing skills are incredibly great, you need the help of content writing tools to streamline the content creation processes.

These tools facilitate the content creation process for you and offer you additional features that you can use to bring novelty to your content generation tasks. 

Make sure to check out the online content writing tools mentioned here and if you have questions about any of these tools, feel free to reach out to us.