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How to find out if your website content being copied?

Copied or duplicate content is the worst for any website’s ranking. A search engine will never let a website stand on the top if it has plagiarized content. 

That is why almost every person avoids to do this. But there are some persons who do not know about its harmful effects. 

Therefore, they pick someone’s content and publish it on their website. It is harmful to both platforms. 

A search engine mostly de-rank the original website first. So, if someone has copied your content, you will have to face the music more than him. 

This is the reason why we are here to guide you in this regard. Till the end, you will be able to know the right method to check if your content is being copied or not. 

Methods to check and analyze if your website content being copied

Ideally, there is not a manual method to do so. A person or a team will never be able to browse millions of websites and check if their content is stolen by someone or not.

So, many people find it difficult to check the content duplication with their website. There is another method with which you can complete this task shortly. 

You will not have to wait for weeks and struggle hard to analyze your website’s content. Being an expert in the field, you may have already been heard about this method. 

You can use a plagiarism checker to get the duplication of your content. 

Use a tool to find out if your website content being copied 

A tool has made this process efficient, fast, and accurate to much extent. You only have to learn how to use a tool to check your content for plagiarism. 

In almost 90% of cases, you will find a tool with a user-friendly interface. You can easily understand the tool and start working with it. 

A plagiarism checker is a tool that will check your given content and find similarities. It can do this task using its own database or extract data from different bases. 

Here we are going to discuss the tools from some best platforms. You can use any of them and track your website’s content uniqueness. 


It is one of the finest copyright checker on internet. You can quickly use this tool and get the exact results of your content. 

With this tool, you only have to copy and paste your blog into the text box. You will not have to do anything else. 

As you are checking already published content for similarity, you only have to take an extra step. In the right bottom corner, you will find an option “Exclude URL”.

By clicking on the box, it will show a little bar below the text box. You can paste your website’s URL here. The tool will not check similarities with that particular page. 

With this feature, you will get accurate results. 


Copyscape is another efficient tool to check plagiarism in your content. Many people think that they only can check their content by pasting links into the search box. 

Yes, this is the right and easy method to check similarity for your content. But the process becomes complicated when you have to deal with a website having hundreds of pages. 

In this case, you can get a premium account of the tool. Being a website owner, you should pick this subscription as it will be helpful for you. 

You can keep tracking of your content by using this tool. This tool will instantly notify you when someone has used your content. 

With this, you can take action against the platform or warn them to remove your content. 


The plagiarism checker by this platform is the best one. You will be able to check your content similarities deeply. 

The tool will compare your content with published books, journals, blogs, and all other content. 

Also, the tool can check similarities directly from the internet. After completing this task, it will show you the results of exact matches. 

Now, you can check who is copying your content and how you may have to deal with it. In this way, it has reduced your work to much extent. 

Within a fraction of time, you will get a report of your content. The tool will present the results line by line. So, you will get an idea of which line is copied and which one is unique. 

Also, it will show the matched URLs separately. Therefore, you can quickly get a look at who is using your content and contact them. 

Tips while checking your content for duplication

It is not a simple method as it seems to be. You will have to keep the focus on some factors to get 100% accurate results. 

First of all, you should exclude all quotations from your content while checking. For example, if you have a website related to Birthday quotations, your quotations may be used by a large audience. 

A search engine will not include it as a copied content. In the last, you may also have to remove or exclude a website’s URL if you are using them in your content. 

These steps will enable you to use the tool for reliable results. Now, you will get the accurate, authentic, and reliable outcomes. 

You can easily take these precautions on your content while checking. 

What to do if your website content being copied?

There are two methods to deal with such problems. First, you can update your own content if you want to do so. It will be the best method to get your rank back. 

If you do not want to update your content, you may also do a copyright strike on your content. It entirely depends on your choice. 

You can do this using DMCA for effective results. It is a specific law that will enable you to stand in case someone has stolen your digital presence. 

It may be in the form of duplication of content, image duplication, and others. So, you will have to take action using DMCA for your property. 

You must have to follow the steps for taking action against the concerned person. 

  • Reach the author and ask him to remove that part of the content
  • Ask website owner to do the same task as above
  • Send a DMCA notice to the website host
  • Final request to a web host with an ISP
  • Take down your content from search engines efficiently

Your website should be powerful and have enough authority to win the second case. So, we will recommend you to utilize the first method if there is a little content copied from your website. 

You can adapt the second method if there is a huge duplication of your content. 


By using the above method, you can quickly check your content uniqueness. You will be able to know who is using your content and how to deal with it. 

Also, you will not have to browse various pages and check them one by one. It will save your time and efforts. 

Along with these benefits, you will also be able to get authentic and accurate results.