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3 Things You Need To Take Care Of To Work As A Digital Nomad

Due to the high cost of living in most places in the US many people are finding themselves shut out of the dream to buy a home or even grow their own business. From the cost of healthcare for and the high price of real estate it is far out of reach. Many people ended up giving up on the dream and simply found work that pays their student loans.

Others have decided to take their life on the road and become digital nomads so they can take advantage of a low cost of living. This allows them to live life on their own terms and start their own business or work a job as a remote employee. 

If this type of lifestyle sounds appealing then you have to understand how it works. In this article, I will go over the things you have to know before you set out as a digital nomad.

1 – Stay healthy

The most important thing to take care of on the road is your health. There are things that you can do to stay healthy in a proactive way. Things like getting enough exercise and eating right will go a long way towards avoiding getting sick. However, it also involves having the right health insurance.

Accidents can happen. You can get sick for any number of reasons even when you are doing your best to stay healthy. In many cases you will need to pay for your own private insurance. And what coverage you need will depend on the country where you are staying as health insurance in Spain will be different from health insurance in Thailand. 

Make sure to find the policy that takes into account a lot of different factors. And you should choose your destination countries based on how you will be covered by your insurance if something were to happen while there.

2 – Secure visas in a timely manner

Your American passport will give you a lot of visa free travel as far as entry into a country goes. However, there are a lot of countries where this isn’t an option. To make sure that you can plan out your travels well, you need to have a visa plan in place.

Find out the requirements of each country that you plan to visit and then call the embassy or consulate to find out what the wait times are for getting a visa ahead of time. Luckily, many countries that do require visas have an office in the airport where you can request the visa upon entry. Many don’t however so you need to find out before you depart. 

3 – Know where you’ll work

Planning ahead means also figuring out how and where you will work while you are there. Make sure your Airbnb has enough space for you to set up your little office. Or, check out some co working spaces online if there are any where you plan to go. You could work in coffee shops too but you have to also research to find out how the internet is and if you can sit there all day and work.