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SEO Requirements for New & Old Websites

What should be considered in SEO? What are the basic features of SEO and requirements?

This article will first introduce Seo Technical and then introduce the issues that should be addressed in Seo Technical.

What is SEO?

All technical measures taken to improve site rankings are called SEO. Technical measures range from reviewing the site’s UI to properly inserting the necessary meta tags on the site. You might want to read the Full details of what seo is about and Google algorithm 

With the advent of Google SEO algorithms, which have taken their place among other SEO techniques including content and backlinks. In the table below we have outlined some of Google’s actions in the field of SEO:

Year of Action 2005 Google Introduces Site Map 2009 Recommends Using the Canonical Tag 2011 Starting SSL in Site Ranking 2011

Schema.org site and the ability to create visual appeal on the search results page 2011

The rel = next / prev attribute has been introduced for blogs so that blog managers can submit their articles to Google on the next and previous pages.

See the importance of: Google RankBrain

SEO Techniques Observe each of the following to help Google search robots better understand your content and site:

1. Robots tag

This tag helps to index the page in Google.

2. schima.org

To understand the content of the pages, you need to follow the rules of Skima.

3. The canonical tag

Correct ranking of site pages is done with the canonical tag.

4. Robots.txt

This file lets Google robots know which pages of the site are allowed to crawl.

5. SSL

Because website security is so important and important, Google is giving sites with SSL certification a better rating.

6. Correct sitemap structure

The site map or site map specifies the pages and the time they were created. A map site can help crawl Google’s robots.

7. Proper use of H1 and H2 meta tags

These two meta tags also have their own rules, which will be discussed further in the next articles.

8. Meta tag description

This meta tag and writing good text with limited characters can help increase the number of clicks from Google.

Meta tag description in SEO

9. OG tags

The OG tag, or open graph, helps Google understand the concept of content.

10. Site UI / UX

With the increasing use of smartphones, more and more users are logging into their websites. Having the site compliant with the UI and UX rules and regulations will greatly increase the number of visits and time on site.

11. Website Speed Optimization

The speed of the site is another important factor that makes the user not regret coming to your site.

12. Link Structure

Links or URLs should be made by specific rules, such as no dumb URLs or special characters. It should be noted in the URLs of the title text that the user knows what page he or she is going to click on the link. Was.

13. breadcrumbs

This is the path the user has taken to reach the page. As shown below

14. Page 404

Page design 404 should be designed to guide the user to the home page or other means of communication.

15. ALT tag

The site photos should use this tag to understand the concept.

This article generally introduces the most important things to consider in SEO but you should keep in mind that the technical rules are constantly changing with Google’s algorithms. The only way to turn you into a SEO expert is through continuous study.