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Surprising Trends Coming in Tech

We’ve entered a new decade and speculation is running wild when it comes to what we can expect over the course of the next 10 years. There’s no doubt that technology will continue to accelerate at a rapid speed and it’s very likely that in just a few years we will look back in wonder at the limited role that software once played in our daily lives. Despite the fact that the pace at which things are happening can be hard to keep track of, there are definitely a few areas where big things are pretty much guaranteed to happen. As surprising innovations continue to unfold, here are a few areas of tech to keep an eye on. 

Automation is about to get kicked into overdrive 

You’ve likely already gotten used to some aspects of automation, but chances are that the wave which is coming will be a surprise to many. In addition to the push within software companies themselves (where automation is the key technological driver of their business), many experts believe we’re entering a phase of hyper-automation that is going to take things to a whole new level. Not only can you expect to see machine learning, packaged software, and automation tools delivering work, but hyper-automation will include software that can to everything from discovery to analysis, design, automation, measuring, monitoring, and reassessing.  

Blockchain will be the foundation of our digital lives 

Yes, blockchain is the technology behind everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency, but it is also what gives you peace of mind when you’re engaging in everything from online cricket betting to paying the babysitter. Blockchain technology has only been implemented in a few different industries right now, but it’s poised to provide a secure underlying framework to many aspects of our digital lives. Although it can be confusing to get a grip on, it’s worth spending some time trying to wrap your head around these mechanisms that are essentially what allow technology to communicate securely. It will continue to play an even more important role in how we verify information and prevent malicious acts during data transfer.

5G will bring an increase in speed across the board 

We’re all expecting the implementation of 5G across the world to make our phones faster, but are we ready for everything else to get faster too? 5G is going to break open a whole new level of automation and technological proliferation into cities and remote areas. The high data transfer speeds of 5G would allow, for example, easy implementation of driverless cars as they would be able to get real-time data about the entire city.

Your experience is about to get a lot more immersive 

The user experience is poised to take on a multilevel characteristic that still seems pretty sci-fi to most casual users. Over the next 10 years, there is going to be a significant change in how users perceive the digital world as well as how they interact with it. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are changing both the perception and interaction models and leading to multi-sensory experiences across many industries.