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Best Blockchain Jobs and Career Opportunities

Blockchain jobs and careers happens to be one of the fastest growing world digital technology opportunity for creativity, innovation and earning a living. This area of technology is growing so wide and as days go by many jobs are crafted out of its segments. Many sources like LinkedIn, indeed etc, reported recently about several openings of this blockchain technology in different fields. so in other words, having high increase in blockchain positions and other job creation in its segment, is a welcomed development in our World today. Below is what the trending technology entails and how to go about making the right choice for the available jobs and careers from it.

Before proceeding to the details in full dimension, I want to let you know that “skills pays off”. Most of the current job posting, listed for Blockchain demands skills. And those individuals with the right skill set are of major advantage because, there are variety of career opportunities available on blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

Splitting the two words that comprises the word blockchain into two different words, we would have “block” and “chain”. The blocks are typical digital records that represent transactions. Basically, the transactions encompasses sales data, exchange of goods and services data, as well as, the supplies, money, contracts and other useful, detailed information of the exchange analysis done between the business partners. So in other words, the block contains all the details of the transaction carried out.

One of the basic features of blockchain is that it is encrypted. And to dissect the meaning of the word “encryption” for better comprehension, below is what it entails:

Encryption simple means the ability of the technology to convert (information or data) into a code or into cryptographic encoding, especially to prevent unauthorized access. So in other words, only with correct key or authorized key, can one be able to have right access for decrypting.

Now blockchains are encrypted thereby giving the technology a great resistant to fraud, and protecting the system from unlawful changes. The blocks can’t be disconnected from the surrounding blocks. And this simply signifies that users can be able to form or create immutable chains as well as sequence of records in the technology.

Furthermore, the blocks are readily visible to the customers who are involved in the exchange and this also includes the agreement documentation based on the transaction services. the block interestingly serve as a record of agreement or contracts because it security can’t be altered. The agreement documentation includes the conditions for payment or actual payment which invariably takes the form of traditional currency or cryptocurrency, popularly known as Bitcoin.

The blockchain technology is spreading and growing speedily in businesses of today because it aid in optimizing the efficiencies and development of services in all facet of money making businesses. The tech platform elucidate creative efficiencies over speed transactions, eliminating financial intermediaries that involves middle men and as well as empowering cost reductions etc. Below are the types of career Jobs available in Blockchain industry.

Blockchain Career Opportunities Available

The building of blockchain is mostly focused on encryption. And in this area of technology, individuals that are expert in data structures and security protocols, are highly demanded by hiring agents like managers, employer etc in this aforementioned field of career, in the industry.

Several applications of blockchain in the past focused majorly on financial transactions especially on cryptocurrencies example Bitcoin. So the Developers and engineers with skills in building financial software and programs are of high demand. They are highly sought-after due to their experience, as the employers recruit more of blockchain professionals than newbies.

The blockchain technology system do more in facilitating the development of smart contracts among parties, as legal professionals with the basic background knowledge in blockchain are called upon for reviewing contracts based on legal perspective. In this industry, Blockchain architecture happens to be the best paying job when it comes to freelancers. Let’s get down to the best paying jobs on blockchain technology industry.

Top Blockchain Jobs 2022

Haven gotten analysis from different websites, below job categories are the highest paying jobs you might want to go for under blockchain technology.

Blockchain Information Security Analyst:

Every software demands security level protection and as such, blockchain demands a high security personnel during and after the constructions. So in this area of blockchain building, a candidate with technical experience in guiding and supervising encryption, as well as threats and testing of blocks etc is needed in other to ensure tight security that got no penetration. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it may interest you to know that information security analysts earned about average $95,510 Dollars as at 2017. The very top ten percent earned more than $153,000. So, having this high demand for professionals in the blockchain tech. it is worthy of note that analysts with the background knowledge and experience is likely to receive more pay and compensation.

Blockchain Data Scientist:

Just as the name implies, data scientist are involved in collection, analysing interpretation and managing data by applying statistics to complex data. They are in charge of writing algorithms which happens to be a computational steps that transform inputs to outputs. This algorithms are used to detect and analyse patterns that are in large datasets, also used in creation of models, data visualization as well as giving detailed insight into the collected data.

Blockchain Marketing Specialist:

Recent days, Industries and companies have come to realise the importance of marketing their business firm. so many blockchain service firms are now adding marketing outreach in their platform in other to efficiently promote the operations. The function of the marketing specialist and managers is to create marketing plans, incorporate mainstream Media strategies to promote services, research enabling environment for potential markets, develop social strategies, write press release and composing of copies for websites etc. The Bureau of Labor Statistics narrated that marketing specialist under technical Consulting services and software, are earning an average of $68,010 to $91,250 respectively, and that’s a huge pay.

Blockchain Developer:

One of the popular skill analyzer known as upwork has in their website, rated blockchain development as one of the hottest skill for freelancers. As a developer in blockchain, there is an opportunity for you to exercise that which you know over coding programs. Developer skills entails more of individuals or programmers who write block of codes in order to build the data structures for blockchain programs or software. These set of persons in this Field applys smart knowledge , consensus methods and typically, cryptocurrencies. This simply curtail that expertise in threat analytics, performance management, as well as anomaly detection are required. Blockchain developers earns salary of $110,500 and more depending on the nature of the employer’s company.

Blockchain Project Manager:

Generally, it is noted that creating a blockchain is a complex process because it requires precise coordination of many layers of data or information and of course, listing timely support of different staff and client representatives. So the work of project managers is to stipulate or outline the project steps and as well as setting goals and timelines to reach the target of creation. The project manager also track progress, communicate among participants and resolve any proceeding process problems. Based on research carried out by project management institute the average salary for project managers in United States of America is rated at $112,000.

Technical Recruiter:

As the Year runs by, blockchain technology keeps expanding in its different field, and there has been shortage of qualified workers. So this invariably will place high demand of good and qualified recruiters as well as high demand of Human Resource departments. Of course, the system will demand critical knowledge of blockchain job requirements as well as the right ability to entice passive job seekers to consider changing jobs. The job of the recruiters is to analyse the candidates profiles, carry out interviews, reaching out to employers to promote agency services and as well as presenting job seekers prospective candidate to hiring managers. all to the success of the company or industry. Recruiting is one of the most paying and lucrative tech opportunities that doesn’t really require the candidate with coding skills. They earn about $50,500 to $92,000 for average to top professionals. The stipend also encompasses bonus, commission, and profits.

Internship Opportunities:

Blockchain Industries also offer internship opportunities for college or recent graduates who are starting a career. And this Internship program can stand as a stepping stone to a professional role in any of the industry. So current college students as well as recent graduate who are in the following areas of studies; computer science, computer engineering and information technology can go a long way to enhance their knowledge on blockchain technology through the completion of an internship program. If you are interested in this, just visit any of your favorable job website and search for “blockchain intern” and you will be presented with the types of internships available at the moment of searching. You can as well check your university career office to check if they have new or old internship listings you can opt in for.

As a student interested in blockchain, there are positions where you have the opportunity to show off your knowledge in helping to build software and write code for blockchain technology and this will particularly add value to the industry you are opting for. Companies are seriously looking for those that can add value to their system. Having Marketing background as a student is not a bad idea because it will promote you to another level in blockchain service. There are diverse opportunities readily available for right technical skills in this aspect of trending technology of today.

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Best blockchain jobs and career opportunities available in the job market