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Top 10 High-Paying Career Jobs for Driven Women

Have you been trying to figure which job would befit your ambitions? Women, through the years, have proven to the world that they cannot only work in diverse industries but also excel and top their male counterparts. Compared to decades ago, even though the gender gap pay happens, there has been a great improvement. Now, statistics has proven that when a man earns a dollar, a woman is earning about 81 cents. That’s quite a progress compared to the 70s when women earned less than 20 cents for every dollar men earned.

We’ve come up with this exciting article to show you the top 10 jobs for women who are driven, have ambitions and are ready to make their big dreams come to pass. Women in these careers mentioned have not only earned for themselves huge paychecks, they also find fulfillment in following their passions as they give their best and nothing less.

Top Paying Careers for Women

Are you excited? Me too. Below are the high paying careers for any passion driven woman. Choose your area of passion below and make the best out of it. Of course, it will always pay off real good.

1. CEO

The work of a Chief Executive Officer is to supervise and coordinate her company’s operations. Let’s just say she’s in charge of this baby (company) of hers. She works to see that her baby reaches her goals and aspirations for it. A female CEO can be in both the private and public sectors.

career opportunities for women

As a CEO, although it is common to receive the highest salary, note that it is also common that a CEO works more than anyone in the company. The success of the baby is mama’s responsibility so she works hard for it. Studies have shown that female CEOs earn $90,272 as a median annual income.

2. Lawyer

A lawyer’s job is to represent and counsel her clients on legal issues or disputes. Her clients can be an individual, companies and organizations, business and non-profit organization and she can represent all of the above!

To fulfill your dreams of becoming a lawyer, you’ve got to have a four-year bachelor’s degree and then a three years training in law school, and to work professionally in the US; you’ve got to sit for and pass the state’s bar examination , and I know you can do it girl.

Studies have shown that female lawyers earn $91,624 as a median annual income.

3. Pharmacist

  • Manages and dispenses prescribed medications.
  • Gives advice on drugs usage and dosage.

Above are the duties of a pharmacist. She can work in a drugstore pharmacy, grocery store or in hospitals/clinics. She must be licensed as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy degree holder.
Female pharmacist make a median income of$98,280 annually.

4. Physician

As a physician, she diagnoses, examine patients, and prescribes medications. There are so many specialties to choose from if you want to become a physician, there’s obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, orthopedics and so many others. Female doctors about $87,300 as a median annual income.

5. Nurse Practitioner

Working with or without physicians, a nurse practitioner provides patient care. Either primary or specialty health care, they are involved. To be a nurse practitioner, Have a master’s degree in the field and be licensed. You’re going to earn $98,340 as a median annual income.

6. Physician Assistants

PAs work in hospitals and healthcare systems. They go through patient’s medical status, may diagnose illnesses and refer to physicians. They earn a median annual income of about $85,600

7. Information and technology manager

Where are the techie ladies in the house?

The job here is to coordinate, analyze and devise information and technology projects. You can work directly with software and hardware devices, you can design a website or develop a database. You use your creativity and strategies to make something good out of what you do.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field. $89,804 is the median annual income for female IT managers.

8. Software Developer

Ok technophile, this could be for you too.

A Software developers simply creates computer programs, although there’s nothing simple about it. They make use of the consumer needs as an inspiration to create software and writes codes to improve former ones. They earn a median annual income of $85,488.

9. Human Resources Manager

She’s in charge of recruiting, interviewing, trainings and hiring new members of a company’s employee team. She could be in charge of payrolls, conflicts and offer to resolve disputes in a company. Females in this field earn $69,200 as a median annual income.

10. Engineer

Handywomen need to hear this.

An engineer designs, repair and revamps engineering structures be it mechanical, chemical, electrical, computer structures. There are different specialties in engineering as well.

The income for engineers varies but the median annual income is $65,470.

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Hope your choice of career made the it to the list above? if not, let us know through the comment section. Endeavor to share this post to others who might be in need of clarification for women career opportunities.