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Top Best Health & Fitness Apps Android 2021

keeping your body healthy and fit is purported to be a step in a right direction. This article has been updated with latest health and fitness Android applications that would ensure to see you through or help you in your bodybuilding workout exercise, at home or anywhere you find yourself.

This top rated health and fitness mobile applications got all the necessary guides and coach you need in order to get a successful bodybuilding figure or outfit. The apps we listed here are not specifically for just a gender but they are meant for both male and female outfit exercise guide.

Interestingly, you don’t have to spend a dime to purchase any of these applications as they are free to download from Google Play store. So we ensured that the health and fitness apps listed in this post are currently updated and not outdated. we made sure that they are top rated apps that got good feedbacks before listing them here.

Below comes the review of the best health and fitness Android cellphone applications that you can selectively download from just for free. Also, as the day goes by we will keep updating the latest 2019 health and fitness applications, upgraded by the developers. So endeavour to bookmark this particular post so as to keep checking for newly added review of fitness apps.

body fitness tips

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Home workouts Android App

The home workout health and fitness app is for fast bodybuilding at the comfort and convenience of your home. It doesn’t require any equipment of any sort so long as you have the application installed on your mobile smartphone.

This application provide you with daily workout routines for your muscle groups. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym house to build your muscles and keep fitness because you can actually do that at the convenience of your home. Home workout app will also guide and coach you without equipment needed, as all the exercise can be carried out with just your body weight.

Home workouts Fitness android App

The app is embedded and developed by health and fitness experts and it will coach you on workout of your abs, legs, butt, Arms, chest and your full body. As a guy, you can easily build up your muscles and get a six packs without going to the gym center.

With Home workout app, you are sure of good Fitness Coach, Strength Training, Fat Burning Workouts, Hiit Workouts and Multiple Exercises like punch, lunges, Push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks, crunch, triceps dips, si plank, and wall sit etc.

Features of Home workouts without Equipment App

  • Lose weight having a personal trainer.
  • Got warm-up and stretching routines.
  • Ability to customise a workout reminders.
  • Ability to Records training progress automatically.
  • There is Detailed video and animation steps and guides.
  • Chart tracks your weight trends.

> Download Home workouts Fitness App Here.

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Lose Weight App

Lose weight app for men helps you to burn belly fat while at home utilising the essential workout and fitness exercises embedded in this application, for a period of 30 days. This app is one of the best weight loss app for men who wants to burn fat and lose weight while at home. It helps you eliminate man boobs and keep your body fit and healthy.

Lose Weight Android application is one of the Best Weight Loss Apps that was developed to help provide friendly exercise to overweight people in reducing to their choice of body weight.

With this application, there is no need for physical equipment or going to gym center because, you have all the necessary guide and steps in the app that can educate you on how to lose fat and build muscles.

Lose Weight App download

This smartphone application also provide you with a feature that tracks burned calories and weight loss progress in graph representation or display.

The Low-impact Option feature in this app provide guide on how to go about some exercises Incase the person training got injuries on their knee or back. it further minimise the force exerted on Joints and reduce the risk of injury through its expect guide for both beginners and professionals.

According to the app, because of testosterone, men are likely to store more fat. So, the developers went further to explain some basic guide users should implement in order to Lose Belly Fat, as well teachings regarding to maintainance of low-calorie diet and many more.

Feature of Lose Weight App

  • It features a three difficulty levels that is suitable for everyone both men, women, beginners, and professionals.
  • Features low impact workouts
  • Users have the ability to customise their own workout routines.
  • There is fat loss workout, chest workout, arm workout, and abs workout etc.
  • Lose weight app features reminder that provides you with information that keeps you disciplined.
  • You can sync workout and Calorie data on Google fit.
  • There is animations on video guidance.
  • Ability to track weight loss progress and the burned calories.
  • Increases exercise intensity gradually

> Free Download Lose Weight App Here.

Female Fitness – Women Workouts App

This is one of the best female fitness Android application for keeping fit and weight loss at home. This best women workout app provide essential tips for ladies in order to achieve a better and perfect bikini body fitness.

So are you a female searching or wondering how to get fit or nice shape, then this application should be an option or choice for your exercise guide and steps. With this female Fitness Android app, you can achieve the following workouts: burn belly fat, trim waistline, slim legs, tone butt, get a nice looking and sexy shapes and become better of yourself in body figures.

best women workout female fitness app

This feminine body fitness apps provides the following;

  • Helps in quick and effective workouts maximizing fat burning.
  • Majorly improve your health and gain weight loss.
  • Weight loss fitness workout for all your body parts.
  • Full body workout, buttocks workouts and legs workout etc.
  • Lose weight with your personal trainer and other free features that isn’t locked.

> Download Female Fitness App Here.

Sportractive GPS Running Cycling Distance Tracker

Sportractive is one of the best health and fitness top rated and most accurate time distance tracker that uses GPS tracker. This particular application is purported to direct and keep record of fitness activities like running, jogging, cycling, hiking, walking and several other exercise activities.

Sportractive is best known for GPS tracker, audio coach, interval training, running, calories, pace, heart rate, etc. The Fitness and Health application provides accurate tracks of your workouts, and ensure to analyze and keep the user on track based on his or her training goals or target.

interestingly, there is no ads in app, as it’s just meant for sports exercise. You have about 25 indoor and outdoor activities to select from. There is a customisable screen to show time, elevation changes, speed, Burned calories, pace, heart rate,and many other activities carried out.


Also using the coloured track on the map, you can review your work out speed. There is customisable diagram for showing speed, elevation by time and distance, Heart rate, pace. Users are liable to set their personal goals or target for interval training, duration, or distance calories.

You can as well monitor your heart rate through Bluetooth connection because, the Sportractive supports the feature of Bluetooth LE sensors like H10 heart rate sensor which is supported by Android 5 Operating System and above.

Other features of this app are as follows:

  • Ability to track your body measurements like the neck, waist and hips.
  • Ability to manually insert workout results.
  • There is history for all recorded workouts and statistical analysis for all your workouts.
  • Features a customisable voice output that guides you through your workout exercise activities.

The app does a BMI calculation and as well as body fat WHtR with individual analysis in a certain period of time.

Also, the GPX import and export gives you the option to exchange data with other programs.

> Download sportractive GPS App tracker for health and fitness exercise Here.

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Meanwhile, Stay tuned for more best wellness, health and fitness Android free Applications to install on your phone, for a perfect shape bodybuilding figure…

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