Home Security Guide to Install Home Security System

Guide to Install Home Security System

If you have just bought your new home security system, you are officially ready to install it. Although each system is different, some of the components are basically similar, such as activity sensors, CCTV security cameras and the central system hub.

Do not forget your instruction guidelines! Even professionals may need to read them before proceeding, to make sure that they have all the necessary tools. Once your home security system is installed, you will be ready to test it, and your home will finally be safer.

Step 1: Install the home security panel

The panel is undoubtedly the core element of your home security system since it allows you to manage every feature that it offers. For this reason, the first step to make your home more secure is to install the panel.

You should choose a place that is strategically close to your primary entry door. On the other hand, some people prefer to have access to their home security panel from their master bedroom. Most importantly, your panel will need a power source to work correctly. You can either hammer a nail into your wall or use removable double-sided adhesive.

Step 2: Place the sensors and the detectors

Once your panel is set, you are ready to place all the sensors and detectors throughout your home. While basic alarm systems include only a few sensors, most advanced products may have several devices and elements to be installed on your property. Nevertheless, sensors and detectors are generally very easy to install. In the majority of cases, they are held by a peel and stick backing, so that you can place and move them as needed.

Many home systems come with specific guidelines to install your home sensors. However, as a general rule, you should place them in the areas that you want to monitor, such as your front door, your garden’s gate and your garage door.

If your home security system includes an alarm, do not forget to connect the sounder. You should be able to test if your alarm works as soon as every cable is connected. In many cases, you just need to turn the alarm on and open a door. If you have installed everything correctly, the alarm should sound. To shut it off, you can turn off the key switch.

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Step 3: Test your home security system

If you have followed the instructions of your home security system, you will be immediately ready to test if it works. In fact, before you can go on vacation and leave your new CCTV cameras taking care of your home, you must manually check them to ensure that is all set to protect your house.

If your home security system doesn’t work, you should not keep experimenting with its installation. At that point, it is advisable to hire a professional to install your system correctly. Don’t get rid of your installation manual yet: you may need it at a later time to check how to use some of the features of your system panel.

Should I ask a professional to install my home security system?

The only person who can answer this question is yourself. If you are not into DIY, and if you don’t own the right tools to proceed with the installation, calling a professional may make your life easier. In some circumstances, for example if you have bought an extensive system with multiple sensors and camera, proceeding on your own can be a nightmare. You may also end up damaging your system or installing it incorrectly, at the point that it will not record any footage or detect any suspicious activity.

On the other hand, if you have a simple system that requires only a few sensors to be installed, you may try to install it on your own. Remember to follow the guidelines for installation provided with your security system.

It must be noted that often, the installation service is already included in your home security system price or monthly fee. This may also give you access to additional features, such as routine security assessment checks.

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