Hello fans, here comes an expert simplified guide on how
to turn any old smartphone you got, whether you are still using the device or
not, into security camera system or CCTV camera. And this enable you to monitor
your residential, shops, office, school environment and anywhere you wish to
place security camera motion detection on just for any important purpose.

Technology is sweet to apply, isn’t it?  Yes it is. So are you a tech savvy or tech
inclined individual?  Even if you are
not, TECHBMC was set out just with the main reason to simplify tech tutorials
and issues troubling anyone in the world of Mobile and PC tech, and to update
committed users with latest gist on the trending world of technology.  Now, without bugging you with much of talks,
continue reading for better exploration of android camera security viewer

Are Some Frequent asked Questions That This Tutorial has solutions for.
How can I use my phone as a web camera?
How do I connect my CCTV to my mobile?
What is the IP camera?
How do I connect my CCTV to the Internet?
How do you hack a security camera?
How can I see my CCTV through Internet?
ow do I view my CCTV remotely?
As an android or iphone user, one of the benefits your
smartphone has to offer is to monitor your environment or room if you don’t
have enough money to buy a CCTV camera tool. So your new or old device can
serve as a best alternative for displaying things going on in the place you
wish to monitor.

Note: Before
the steps, one of the tools that will drive success to this live streaming video
view of your motoring place, has to do with an apk app called IP Webcam application.

 Now the Steps in Full For Converting/Turning
an Old Android Device into a Security Camera System.
Setting up or configuring this for your device is quite
easy, as just 3 steps are required and your display will start viewing. Even as
that, you can as well subsequently review things that the camera captured
during functioning process.

 Go to Google play store, there download and
install the aforementioned IP Webcam app APK. The function of this application,
is to aid you stream the video camera directly from your Android smart device to
the network from where the appropriately registered users has the platform to
easily watch the streamed live view from the camera.  You should be informed; there are versions for
free and paid features that goes for basics and more features respectively. 
ip webcam appspot

believe by now, you must have installed the IP Webcam app successfully from
play store to your Android device. Now click on the app to launch it. After
opening it, locate the settings in order to set up the video preferences
effects and other special functions you will love to include for better
videoing. Also, you will have to register and as well login to Ivideon as long
as you are using the IP webcam app. It is necessary because, it enables you in
broadcasting the view of the camera. 

ip webcam apple iOS apk pc

after you must have finished all the settings required, just proceed to start
the video stream using your Smart Android Phone. Click on the button where you
see start server, it is located inside the app, just at the end of the IP
webcam app. You can see that well in the above screenshot. Once you tab on it,
your Android device will start capturing live video on the location which it is
been placed. In order to view it anywhere using other phones, just enter your
device’s IP address which you have to get from your Android, and paste to the address
bar of the web browser from another device. So when you visit the address as
you are online, you will see the live video stream from the camera of the
Android device.

ip webcam apk Android

Hey, Congratulations! Because you now have a techy made
CCTV surveillance camera utilized from your new or old phone. The only
challenge you might experience while using this live video streaming camera, is
charging the battery of your Android device. Apart from that, nothing else to
stop you from using this great innovative motion detector.

Are you using other mobile smartphones like iOS Apple
phones such as iphone 7 plus, iphone 6 etc Nokia, Blackberry, Java and Symbian
phones, Just stay tuned for your own settings on how to go about turning an old
phone into security camera system.  


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