AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Software Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant happens to be one of the most powerful and active disk partition utility software for your Windows operating system (OS).  With this professional hard disk partition software, you can manage your Windows hard drive and also partition as it pleases you.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 7.0 is currently the most powerful disk partition management software you have got to use for free. The company happens to be the first to develop “SSD Secure Erase Wizard” function that provides easy solution to manage your windows hard drive. 

The recent update or upgrade to 7.0 works for all mainstream Windows operating system, ranging from  all Windows XP (Windows PCs, 32/64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and to the latest  Windows 10 OS version. This utility provides the function to control and manage advanced and complex problems encountered while using your hard disk system, and not only that, you can as well use this latest AOMEI free partition manager to manage and control functions like; to resize, create, move, merge, split and format partitions without having any data loss. 

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This review which is based on the latest version of AOMEI Partition Assistant standard 7.0 free partition software, contains lots of features to explore in the freeware but can go a long way in protecting and securing your computer and laptop when upgraded to the premium or pro version (paid version). The pro version gives you access to the full feature. 

It may also interest you to know that this latest version supports the ability to automatically restart computer into Windows PE mode in order to perform most operations. And as aforementioned above, this latest disk partition management software also supports Linux EXT4 file system, which includes to create, to delete, formatting, move, and as well as copying EXT4 partition etc. Below are the basic AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard main functionalities.  


 Functions of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Windows Software 

The software contains interface such as the Disk part, the partition part, and the Wizard. Below is the description of some of the functions.

>Copy Partition: Ability to clone a partition to other location. 
>Create Partition: Enables users to make a new partition in order to store various data.
>Delete Partition: You can delete unnecessary & useless partition. 
>Resize and Move Partition: This function enables user to change partition size without having to lose data. 
>Allocate Free Space: Enables users to move free space from one partition to another. 
>Format Partition: Enables you to change the file system and also empty all data.
>Partition Recovery Wizard: Enables you to recover deleted or lost partitions from a disk and also to recover lost partitions on a repartitioned disk. 

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>Merge Partitions: This is for merging two adjacent partitions into one
>Split Partition: Helps in splitting a big partition into two small one. 
>Make Bootable Media
>NTFS to FAT Converter: This can change partition format without any data loss.
>Wipe Disk: This function wipes data on the unallocated space and ensure no data recovery solution can recover it. 
>Rebuilt MBR: Solves problems like system unable to boot up and system missing. 
>Copy Disk: Enables user to clone a disk from one to another.
>MBR and GPT Conversion: This gives you the function to convert between MBR disk and GPT disk without having any loss of data. 
>Extend Partition Wizard: This extend system partition just to improve computer operating efficiency without having to restart the computer. 
>Migrate OS to SSD Wizard: Ability to migrate OS to new hard disk or a speedy new SSD without having to reinstall everything (EG. Migrating OS to SSD windows 10).

There is more to explore when you download AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Download it for easy solution to fix hard disk partition problems on your PC Windows OS.  

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