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How to Block Number on iPhone Devices

You may have come across a problem that demands you to block a particular number on your iPhone device gadget. And due to that, you wish to block or blacklist such phone number from calling your line. This post will guide you through on how to achieve such.

The reason behind blocking someone’s number on IOS device could be as a result of so many numbers of different people calling and disturbing your peace. You may have gotten fed up with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend phone number calling and pressing regularly. Or your number got leaked to an anonymous caller. Then this tutorial will go handy for that you seek to achieve. Also, you can block number on android phones

No matter what sort of issues you have come across with, and you resulted to getting rid of that particular number. Even if you don’t know how to block the number on iPhone device, I can imagine it has been irritating and you may have to make your cell phone off to avoid the unwanted calls. The very first am going to tell you in order to provide you a peace of mind is as under.

Go and register on “Do Not Call”

Block number on iphone
Block number on iphone

First and foremost thing you have to do is to reduce the unwanted incoming calls on your iPhone. You have to visit the cyberspace and you need to register your particular cell phone number on Do Not Call Registry. On the particular website, you have to put your number in order to see if you already have added or not. On DoNotCall.gov, you can register three particular numbers at once. You also have to add your email address there. Then you have to confirm your registration process. However, you can call the 888-382-12222 on the phone you want to register.

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The FTC that runs the registry, your particular cell phone number will be added to the registry at least within 24 hours, but it will provide you services for 31 days to stop the unwanted calls to tease you through cell phone calls. Ultimately, you may have to file a complaint.

Use cell phone tracking app

tracking app onespy
tracking app theonespy

There are several iPhone tracking software available on the web that enables you at least to block incoming calls on the phone with its phone control tools. All you need do is to use the software tool block incoming calls and the target person will not be able to call again. Operating system IOS

Note: Let’ suppose you have blocked someone’s text messages sent to you or Voice calls, they both will automatically get blocked.

Block number on iphone

Block iphone number
Block iphone number

You can block a particular number calling on your iPhone without any reason. All you need is to go to the iPhone app, now select the recent, and find out the number and then click on the “I” in the circle next to it. Finally, you will get the complete information regarding the call actions to take; you just need to scroll down a bit to block this caller.

However, if you want to block a number already present in your contact list, then you need to scroll through and then select the particular number that you want to block on your cell phone device of IOS OS. You can also reach their through settings > Messages > Add New.

However, if someone is sending you flying text messages instead of phone calls and its number does not exist in your iPhone book, then before you block it. You just need to tap on the number/image at the very top of the screen > create the new contact. Then you need to chase the step above. On the other side you are using an old version of IOS, again you tap the I in the circle at the upper right corner of the phone screen, then select the block This caller > block the contact number.

Moreover, if you have realized they will sneak a peek at your FaceTime, then you need to find the last Facetime conversation you have had with them, now click the I in the circle very close to it. You will have the entire information regarding the call and actions to take; a little scroll down to block this caller. However, if the caller is in your contact then, go to settings > FaceTime > Blocked >Add New and then select the name or names to block.


You can block the number of someone or strange line on your iPhone with the help of all above mentioned methods to the fullest. Hope it worked for you? Share your experience with us using the comment box below. You can also ask questions where don’t really understand.

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