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5 Best iOS Converter Apps

Best iOS Converter Apps download: In our daily life, we have many tasks at hand. Some choirs are easy to handle and some require more effort than you are willing to put into. In the end, if you love something you will get it done with ease, but for the other ones, you might need some help.

And there is no better assistant than your all-knowing smartphone. We tend not to bother with some mundane tasks that only siphon our energy, especially if you can outsource it to your phone or application. But, whatever those tasks be, you can for sure count on smartphone apps to give you a hand.

Whether you convert your documents back and forth or you require just a simple conversion of kilograms into pounds, you can definitely put some of these converter apps to good use for your iPhone devices.

1. PDF Converter By Readdle – Convert Any Document to PDF

Readdle PDF Converter iOS

The Readdle’s PDF Converter is one of the most useful apps for document management that lets you convert any document into a PDF. It can convert Word, Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, Images and Web pages. Once installed, this conversion can be performed off-line, meaning that you don’t need an Internet connection to carry out conversion because it is done on the device.

You can also access the files that aren’t on your device, like Dropbox and iCloud. There is also a Safari extension that allows you to convert web pages without even opening the app.

2. PDF to Word Converter – Convert PDF to Word

PDF to Word Converter app

When most of the documents are in PDF file format, the new problem occurs. Unfortunately, they can be hardly edited. Most of the solutions are based on converting the existing file to a more suitable file type for editing, like Microsoft Word document.

The PDF to Word Converter does just that, it converts any PDF into Word document on your iPhone or iPad. Other than files from your device, you can also convert files that are on Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Gmail directly from the app itself.

The OCR features allow scanned PDFs to be converted as well. Rather than retype, try this app to reuse an existing PDF document.

3. Time Buddy – Visual World Clock & Time Converter
Time Buddy App

If you work with clients from around the world or you just like to travel a lot, you may find this app very useful. Time Buddy allows you to convert time zones for every city or country in the world. You can choose your most relevant cities time zone to show first or you can just create a custom widget which will show up on the home screen.

This app is also integrated with your calendar so that you avoid scheduling at the already existing event. There is no need to rack your brains anymore with the meaning of GMT+1, just find the country and see the time there.

4. Speechify – Text to Audiobook

Speechify - Text to Audiobook

We are always multitasking and trying to complete as many things as we can at the same time. The majority of people doesn’t have time to take a time-out and read a book or an article that they find interesting.

The Speechify app allows you to convert any article or PDF book to speech, while you are dealing with your other tasks. To capture a page of the book just take a picture and this app will turn it into an audiobook. When you think about it, listening requires far less effort than reading. In that, you’ll make sure that you have read every article that you like, but you just hadn’t enough time to do that.

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5. Unit Converter Free – Best Units & Currency app

Best Units & Currency app

If something costs 50£, how much is that in USD? The Tesla Roadster goes from 0 to 60 mph, how much is that in km/h? If you need help with this kind of things, then you might need this Unit Converter app.

A good thing about this app, besides that it is completely free, is that it offers almost any unit conversion that you might need. You can convert time, data, currency, length, power, pressure, etc.

This app also offers an auto-update option for currency, making sure that everyday you have the right information about the changes on the market. Essentially, this is the app that might come in handy next time you are buying online or solving some engineering problem.