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How to do Decimal to binary in Electronics?

Students who take electronics as a professional degree discipline learn various important concepts at the initial level. Number systems and conversions are taught from the word go. Apparently, there are various number systems but decimal and binary are the two popular ones. Electronics students perform these conversions from time to time. A lot of assignments are also given so that students can strengthen the concepts and get detailed knowledge about number systems.

The basic difference between decimal and binary systems

If you have a look at the difference between binary and decimal systems, they vary in few ways. The decimal system comprises of ten values (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10). This is the reason why decimal is said to have base 10. Similarly, binary is base 2 as it comprises of only two values (0 and 1).

Why don’t manual conversions work well?

There are various reasons due to which manual conversions are not recommended.

  • The effort needed is one of the main issues. When you are performing manual conversions, it is quite hard to follow the proper procedure and complete the conversions. Students who are acquiring professional degrees in electronics do not have the time to complete these lengthy steps manually.

The concept for conversion

Here are the steps you need to go through to see how a decimal number is converted to the binary format. Consider that the number is 49 and it has to be converted to the decimal format. Let us have a look at the process which needs to be followed.

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The divide by 2 rule

Start by dividing the decimal number by 2. In addition to that, keep the quotient on one side and remainder separately. If the there is no remainder, it would be taken as zero. Similarly, this process would be repeated until the number has been divided completely. After that, the remainders would be read from bottom to up to determine the binary code.

Consider that you have the number 49. The binary conversion of this number would have a value of 00110001.

The use of a decimal to binary converter

If you are studying electronics or computer science, you would be learning about different number systems and the procedures of conversion. However, it is not that simple to perform these conversions if you do not have a technological tool in hand. A quality automated tool is of great help. Here are some major plus points of such conversion tools.

Usage restrictions and cost factors do not exist

What is the first question that comes to the mind of a user when he is choosing a technological tool? Is this free? Most people have this question in their mind before they access a tool. Prepostseo decimal to binary converter is completely free and there are no limitations on the number of times you can use it. This simply means that you can be free of worries as the tool does require any financial payments.

Have a stress free mind

Electronics students have a complicated curriculum and they also have to work on several assignments. If you have an assignment to convert several decimal numbers to the binary format, what is the easiest way out? Performing the manual method explained above would not work well. One reason is that it requires a lot of time. You need to divide each number till it is not further divisible. If you have to complete multiple questions, the time required would be a lot. Thus, using a technological tool would be a quicker and less stressful option.

No checking needed

When you have performed calculations without a technological tool, you would naturally check to the answers properly. This means that additional time and effort would be needed.  An online decimal to binary converter resolves this issue in an easy manner. It is a tiring and lengthy procedure to check the converted outputs once you are done with them. People who use an online converter do not have to check any of the outputs. This is because when you are using a technological tool, no human errors are made.

Perform all the conversions online

In most cases, users have to download a tool and complete the installation requirements before they use it. This is not the case when an online tool is being used. To use the decimal to binary converter, simply open the link and enter the inputs. No need to download installation files and go through a lengthy procedure. Such tools are preferred by users because they can be used in a hassle free manner. Most students who have to perform these conversions face time related restrictions. They have tight deadlines to meet if an assignment has to be completed.

No difficulties about the user interface

Every user who uses the decimal to binary converter may not carry a lot of technical knowledge. If a tool is hard to use, the user would find it hard to adapt it. However, the decimal to binary converter is very easy. As a user, no hardships are witnessed when you are using it.

  • Users only have to enter the input in the decimal format. After that you can move on to the quick conversion process. This tool is quite fast and you do not have to wait for the conversion process to reach conversion. 


Decimal and binary formats define the two number systems. The decimal system has 10 values (0 to 10) and this is the reason it is called base 10. Similarly, the binary system has two values (0 and 1). Thus, the binary format is said to have base 2. Now, when you talk about converting from the decimal to binary format, you can opt for the manual method and complete the conversion.

However, this is definitely not the best alternative you can get your hands on. Using the decimal to binary converter is a much better option. These tools are free and you can use them without going through any installation requirements.