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A Comparison of Android and iOS

We are bombarded daily with offers for smartphones. When you know that there are four billion of these devices in circulation worldwide, you understand that a lot of money is involved in this industry. 

Although there are more mobile operating systems, the most well-known are Apple iOS and Android. With the latter, Samsung is the absolute market leader. What does one system offer more than the other? Find out in this comparative blog.

Apple iOS vs Android: the duel

The first and biggest difference is found in the use of the operating systems. Android is a system that can run on a lot of different devices. Not just on Samsung, but also on Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and OPPO devices. The applications are numerous, but more on that later. 

If you want to play a casino game at Casino 777 on the go on an Apple device, you are automatically required to do so via the iOS operating system. This is because this operating system was designed exclusively for these devices.

iOS will offer five years of support and upgrades anyway, while with Android it is often no longer than two years. And in the latter case, that could cause security problems.

We are told that Apple devices would be less susceptible to viruses and malware. And there is some truth in that. This is because iOS is a completely closed operating system. To build applications for Apple, you must have permission from the company itself. 

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With Android, on the other hand, part of the source code is publicly available. This is an advantage for app builders but at the same time a prime opportunity for rascals who can abuse it. Although the apps offered by the Google Store are checked first, some things can still go wrong. Beware especially of apps downloaded from obscure sites.

Also, the design of the two operating systems is quite different. If you make the switch from one to the other, you can testify that it will take some time before you can fully handle your newly chosen system.

Who pays for what?

Here, too, we notice a big difference. Especially with the lower-priced devices. If you prefer not to spend too much, you can buy a decent Android device for as little as €150. For Apple, however, you will have to dig a little deeper. The cheapest iPhones are available for €400. 

Apple vs. Android: ‘the final shootout

When we put everything side by side, you notice that both systems have their pros and cons. So, if we have to make the final calculation, we can say that they are pretty equal.

Apple offers higher security and claims its operating systems are more durable. They provide longer support than for Android versions. Protection against cyber-attacks also seems to be better controlled by iOS than Android.

What we can certainly observe is those iPhone users are a loyal audience. It still looks “classy” when you pull out an Apple device. But those who prefer not to spend too much money on a smartphone will still be more inclined to opt for an Android device.