How to remotely View Someone’s Location On The New iPhone X

You would surely know that to locate a lost iPhone you can with the ‘Lost My iPhone’ feature. But what if you are looking to locate someone else’s iPhone remotely? 

Well, there have been different solutions in the market, most of them are offered by third-party apps. Earlier it required sophisticated equipment or secret technology to monitor someone’s location. The idea of remote monitoring has not been prevalent before until iOS monitoring app such as Xnspy started offering this service. Since then, it has helped many people in their business and parents for their children.

The most intriguing aspect of the app is its compatibility with the new iOS 11 which has been introduced on the iPhone X. So even if your target person has the new iPhone X, this app can help you find their location remotely.

iOS 11 monitoring app

Before you start viewing someone’s location, you need to take care of a few things. There are certain preconditions to be met before you even start using the app. They are:

  • Having an uninterrupted internet facility
  • Access to the target iPhone X once (if the iCloud backup is not active)
  • iCloud credentials of the phone you wish to monitor

Do you need to Jailbreak to use iOS monitoring app? 

Jailbreak to use iOS monitoring app

You know that iPhone has strict security protocols that are impossible to breach. But that is not a problem for this app. Xnspy does not require jailbreaking your iPhone X; you can just choose the spy phone iOS ‘No Jailbreak’ edition of the app to remotely view target person’s location, remotely. With this version of the app, you also don’t need any download or installation. 

Albeit you need to follow some instructions to use the app on the iPhone.

Instructions to integrate the app on the target phone:
To use the app, you need to create an iCloud backup on the target iPhone. The process is explained here step by step. 

>>1. Visit the website
>>2. Subscribe to the app on the website choosing from different available packages.
>>3. After the subscription, you will receive an email on your mentioned email address containing the instructions and login credentials
>>4. Use your login credentials to create an Xnspy account
>>5. Now enter the target device’s iCloud credentials on your Xnspy account
>>6. For Xnspy to monitor the iPhone X, the backup of the target phone must be ON
>>7. To enable the backup on the target phone, tap in the ‘Settings’ icon on the target phone
>>8. Tap on the ‘iCloud’ option in the list
>>9. Enter the Apple ID and password in the required fields and press sign-in
>>10. Wait for the iPhone to verify the credentials and to save the account details
>>11. Toggle ‘ON’ all the features in the iCloud menu
>>12. Tap on ‘Backup’ and toggle ‘On’ iCloud Backup
>>11. You can start using the iOS monitoring app through your account

How to remotely view the location?
After the setting on the target phone, you can use your own device and activate the “Location” feature. To enable this, first login to your account and visit the dashboard panel or using the Control Panel app. In the dashboard, you would see a list of monitoring features on the left side of the screen. Select the tab of ‘Locations’ in the list.  You will now be in a position to see the whereabouts of your targets in a well-detailed map. You can not only learn the current location but also the previous locations under this tab.

Not only this you can even set reminders for when the person leaves or arrives a certain location. So whether you want to keep tabs on your kids or know exactly where your significant other goes after work, you can track someone’s location without them knowing.

What else can you do remotely with the app?

Location is not the only feature that you can monitor with this app. There are a few other remote control features on this app. To mention a few: 

  • Lock Phone: This feature allows you to remotely lock the target phone. This feature can limit the screen time of your children.
iPhone X Remote Control App
  • Record Surrounding: You can even record the surroundings of the target person with this record surroundings feature. Go to the dashboard and the command will start recording the surroundings using the built-in microphone on a device.
Record Surrounding iPhone X
  • Wipe Data: If the target phone is lost or you think it holds something inappropriate, you can wipe the target phone’s data through this feature.
Wipe Data iPhone X

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With an inexpensive iOS monitoring app Xnspy that can be subscribed online, you are able to spy on anyone’s cell phone without being anywhere near them. You would be able to see virtually everything that took place on their cell phone including text messages, calls, GPS location, photos, videos, emails and more. All of this is at your disposal without having the phone in your possession.

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