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10 Amazing Features that you may not know about your iPhone

The Apple iPhone is one of the most versatile phones introduced to date. In the last decade, Apple has amazed people with its sleek and elegant mobile devices. All Apple iPhones are equipped with a strong user interface and several comprehensible features. To improve the productivity and efficacy of its devices, every year Apple launches an upgraded version of its iOS. While millions of iPhone users look forward to the latest iOS features, many do not use these features to the fullest. As the device has a plethora of great features, here is a list of 10 amazing features that you may not know about your iPhone.

Hide your Photos

For whatever reason, you may have some photos on your phone which you would prefer to remain private. With an iPhone, you can hide all your private photos inside a ‘Hidden’ album. Just go to the Photos app, view the photo you wish to hide, click share option and choose Hide. By doing this you will transfer your photo from the main album to the Hidden album. However, if you want to go one step ahead and hide the Hidden folder then you can go to Settings, select Photos and then toggle off the Hidden Album. This will move your Hidden folder under the Utilities section of your Photos app. You can also check this to see how to recover deleted photos from your iPhone. 

Use backspace in Calculator

Do you get frustrated hitting the C or AC buttons every time while using the iOS Calculator app? Then here is a timesaver tip for you. Rather than starting the calculation all over again, you can just erase a mistyped digit. All you need to do is just swipe left or right at the top of your calculator where all the digits are displayed. This motion acts as a backspace command and will erase the last number you entered. Also, to access the Calculators extra functions, you can just twist your phone into landscape mode. 

Write on email attachments

Sometimes you may find yourself needing to reply or give feedback on an email attachment from your phone. To do this instantly, you can digitally add scribbles, text overlays, signatures or use the zoom-in magnification window. To modify a PDF or an image email attachment that you have received, you can open the attachment by tapping the markup icon that appears in the top right. Then you will find different options to edit your attachment. Once you make the changes and press Done, it will ask you if you want to reply to the email or discard the changes you made. 

Control your phone with Back Tap

Back Tap is a cool feature that gives you more control of your iPhone. This new Accessibility feature allows users to set up actions that can happen by tapping the back of the iPhone either twice or thrice. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap and then choose any one option that can be enabled by double-tap or triple-tap. For example, you can take a screenshot, change the volume level or assign another shortcut. 

Search the emoji keyboard

Swiping left and right to find an emoji can be a great task. However, the latest feature of iPhone allows users to search for their favorite emoji using a search bar. To insert an emoji in a message just launch the emoji keyboard and there you will find a search bar at the top of the keyboard. Type the emotions or objects you are looking for and your phone will display the matching emojis.

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Take extended screenshots

Apple has a built-in option for taking long and extending screenshots. This feature allows users to take a screenshot of the full page they are viewing in a Mail or Safari. To use this feature, first, take a screenshot and then immediately tap on the screenshot thumbnail. You will see two options on the top for saving only the Screen image or the Full Page PDF. Select the Full Page option and either save it or edit it based on your preference.

Use the hidden touchpad

Apple iPhone comes with a secret touchpad that is hiding in the keyboard. Depending on your phone you can either access this touchpad by pressing down a key or holding down the space bar key. Once the touchpad is launched, the keyboard will become blank. You can use this blank space to move your finger around and the cursor will move around the text with you. This feature becomes handy when you need to make any changes in your message, email or notes.

Hide a screen of Apps

It is now possible to hide apps from your iPhone’s home screen. To hide a certain number of apps, move all the apps onto a single screen. Then, press the screen till it goes into the ‘wiggle’ mode. In the wiggle mode, you will find a new set of home screen dots at the bottom. When you press these dots, you will see an ‘Edit Pages’ option where you can turn off the screen of apps that you wish to hide from the home screen. This feature will not delete the apps and you can use Spotlight to easily access them.

Add a caption to photos

This feature is extremely helpful for users who have thousands of photos on their iPhone. To add a caption to your photos, go to Photos, open a picture and swipe up. You will find a caption field below the photo to add a custom caption. Additionally, you can use the search feature in Photos by typing the keywords from your captions.

Pin your favourite people on iMessage

If you have a particular person or group with whom you interact the most then you can pin them at the top of your iMessage window. To pin up to nine people by click the three dots that appear at the top of iMessage, then select Edit Pins and click the yellow pin icon that appears next to the person you interact with the most.