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10 Apple iOS iPhone Text iMessage Tips & Tricks for Smart Users

Are you an Apple iOS device user and experiencing a constant binging and buzzing making your iPhone or iPad devices missing texts and not giving a normal response in a timely fashion? If you are encountering such on your Apple tablet devices, then here in this article, is the tips to set up your iPhone iMessage texting features to some standard settings. Read on for the basic tips and tricks to better performance of your iPhone texting settings.

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10 iPhone Texting Tips 

>>1. Mute Group Text Alerts
To some people, muting group text alert from iMessage in their iPhone devices gives them peace of mind as the won’t be getting disturbing alert from such feature while using their mobile tablets. So you can mute such alerts. To do that, from the list of your messages, swipe left and click on where you see a purple Hide Alerts button. And you will see a little crescent-moon icon on the left of your screen which is actually indicating its alert are snoozing. (Remember, if you want the alert showing back, you can always swipe and tap Show Alerts).
Apple iOS iPhone Text iMessage Tips

>> 2. Give Any Group a Name
Do you have a multiple group text conversations going on? You could believe with me that keeping track of which group is which may be hard and confusing sometimes. So in order to know which group is which, you need to give the different group text a name. To do just that on your iPhone, open any of the group conversation and tap on “i” icon at the top right of your device screen and then click on Enter a Group Name from the top side. Give the group a name and it will show on your messages list. Now things are made easy for you as you can easily know which group is which by their given names. 

>>3. Set No Repeat Alert
Is your iPhone alerting you more than one times in every 2 to 3 minutes just for a particular message, and you seem not to like the repeat alert, then here is how to set up any incoming message ringing or vibrating alert to ring just once. Now, navigate to your iPhone settings > Notifications >> Messages >>> Repeat Alerts and from here select “Never” in order to stop your device text alert from repeating more than one times.

Set up iMessage no Repeat Alert

>>4. Set Personalized Text Alert Tone
Here you will learn to give a special tone for that special person you have his or her contact on your device. Make that your spouse, or family members or closest friend etc. special in everything, thereby personalizing one particular ringing message alert to the person. So even without you holding your device but very close to it, and you got a text alert, by mere hearing the particular tone you set for the person, you will know who texted and decide to give immediate attention or not. 

Now to personalize text alert tone for a particular person you have in your contact, then Open the Contacts app, and click on Edit, then scroll down to Text Tone and set up any tone you want instead of the Default tone. From there, make change of vibration tone if you so wish. 

>>5. Block Contact or Number From Texting Your Line 
Is there anyone disturbing or pestering you through text messaging and you really don’t like it and wish to block the person from texting you. Then here is how to block any contact from texting your number. Just from the person’s text conversation with you, click on “i” icon at the top right corner of your device screen, and tap Block this caller and finally, click on Block Contact to confirm. (You can still unblock the contact and resume texting with the blocked contact, from the same section of text blocking settings).

imessage text block

>>6. Reply from Text notification.
You can simply reply to a message from the notification without having to open the Message app. So to directly reply someone’s text from notification bar using 3D Touch (just long-press) on the notification bar and enter your text, after that click send to reply. 

>>7. Hide Text Message Previews
Stop someone from peeping at your private conversation when you receive a text message showing on notification bar. To do that, you need to turn off text previews when on locked screen or choose to do that completely right from your iPhone settings. Now go-to Settings > Notifications >> Messages and scroll down to show Previews and then select Unlocked or Never.

 Also keep the alert Enabled so that whenever a banner alerts display to signal the new incoming text message, it will only show the sender’s name but no text message preview. This Show Preview Feature works in this dimension only when it is disabled.

imessage text show previews

>>8. App icon shortcut
To send a quick text, you can utilize the 3D touch. Just 3D touch the message app icon and proceed with your new message or reply to one of 3 persons you were recently text chatting.

>>9. Send quick text reply
For quick response, you can as well use 3D Touch. So from the message list of your iPhone device, just 3D Touch on any message in order to open a preview of it and then slide your finger up to reveal 3 canned responses.  in case none fit it, just tap on Custom to open the text message and then type out your own.

imessage text quick reply

>>10. Forward without copy and pasting text 
For some people who doesn’t like highlighting text, copying and pasting on iPhone devices, because of the problem it gives sometimes, here is another text tips to get any text you wish to resend, forwarded to a particular or more than one contacts on your device. For Some people who have experienced failure or error trying to copy and paste text from a text bubble, so that they can easily forward it but didn’t work out. This particular text messages tip is for you. The best way to get that done is to use the forward-message feature in iMessage app. follow the steps below to achieve that. 

Tap and hold on a text bubble, click on where you see More in the Menu that usually pop up from the bottom of your screen and then click on the arrow at the lower right corner. From here, the text you wish to forward will be entered into a new message, then send to any contact of your choice. This particular text forwarding is very easy than the copy and pasting in iPhone devices.

 That’s all for iMessage texting tips. This tips works on almost all Apple iOS versions such as (Apple’s iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and latest iOS 11) running on iPhone X and other devices.