20 Best Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks for Smart Users

Hi pal, you are welcome to add to your knowledge, the best 20 basic extra iPhone Tips & Tricks
which you Probably Don’t Know about from this very wonderful tutorial article. These
days, many tends to go for Apple iPhone
and iPad Mobile products
more than Android
. And you could believe with me that, this is as a result of the
shiny and strong products, with nice features that Apple company are manufacturing
and making available to be sold in the mobile market. Well, that’s by the way,
although latest Google Android 8.0 Oreo update is a bit near in competing with the latest Apple iOS 11 features, but Apple still beats in the best
features. You can take a look at the latest iPhone X (iPhone 10) and that of iPhone 8 Plus features, you will get to understand that they are
manufactured with great specs that are very attractive, but one thing about
these products, is that they are expensive due to the high quality material
been utilized during their construction stages. Apple iPhone devices are worth
buying, even if it means emptying your bank account, very funny but that’s true

If you happen to be an iPhone user, then enhancing your
skills in terms of being grinded in operating your Apple devices is quite cool
and educating. So in other to educate you more on being a smart user of your
iPhone and iPad devices, we bring to your court 20 basic iPhone tricks, hacks and Tips functionalities you can
learn from below.

Android Users: You Can as well Become a Smart User of Your Android Phone Functionality Settings by clicking here to Equip Yourself with free
Android Tips, tricks and hacks guide.
Before we proceed, you should know
that the tips and the tricks provided below are working very well on iPhone
devices running on: (Apple’s iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and
latest iOS 11 with coming iOS 12) mobile operating systems.

1. How to Save
Battery Life of your iPhone Device When Running Low
One of the basic tips to iPhone optimization during usage,
is getting to know how to reserve your iPhone battery life from getting low
entirely. So applying or turning off some iPhone
can get your iPhone battery
last very long for you, before thinking of charging it again. Below are some
iPhone settings you should turn off
in order to get your battery last very long. Note, turning off these settings
can’t stop your device from receiving
calls, SMS
and also you can go online using EDGE connection.
Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Off.
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off.
Settings > Wi-Fi > Off.
Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off.
Settings > Bluetooth > Off.
Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring & Silent > Off.
Settings > General > Cellular > Enable 3G > Off.
Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness > Off.

2. Stop Your iPhone
Music Using A Timer
Most of us enjoy music
to the extent of listening or putting it on while sleeping. In case you are the
type that put on your iPhone music
and doze off on bed without switching it off. Then, using timer to control and stop the music as at when you wish to get it
off is necessary. To shut the music using
iPhone timer settings,
then click on Clock > Timer > When timer ends. Just
scroll down and locate Stop playing. Next, set a timer (maybe 25
minutes) and then tap on Start. Now,
you can play your music and immediately it is 25 minutes, it will turn off
3. How to Delete Last
Digit in Calculator App on iPhone devices
We do make use of
on our iPhone devices, and sometimes we may enter the wrong
digits after typing lots of things to calculate, and instead of wiping
everything because of one wrong entry using the Clear [C] button. You can simply swipe your finger to the right
or left
of the numbers in order to clear the wrong digit which is entered
lastly. Note; each of the swipe carried out will remove the last digit until
the displaying calculated screen becomes zero.

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4. How to Set An
Alphanumeric Passcode on iPhone Devices
Securing your iPhone device is paramount if you ask me. So
in other to use extra protection settings on your device using an alphanumeric passcode, then activate
the feature by navigating to your iPhone
Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
From here, ensure to turn off
Simple Passcode and then you will be prompted to type in alphanumeric password.
The feature is worth using, just try to use.
5. How to use Headphone
Cord to Take Photo on your iPhone device
You can simply achieve the purpose of taking a good photo
using your smartphone, by just using the volume
up or down buttons
embedded on your headphones
and your sharp snapshot will be taken.
6. How to Switch
Shooting Directions in Panorama with iPhone devices
To carry out things like switching to the shooting
direction, simply click on the arrow in
Panorama mode and then you will be
able to take a panorama picture from
right to left or from left to right. That’s all for setting
up Shooting Directions.
7. How to Find Word
Or Phrase within a Web page using iPhone devices.
Are you searching for a word or phrase in a web page, then
using Safari, just enter the word on the search bar located on the top right
and click on search? Now from the search result page, scroll down and you will
get to see how many words were found on the web pages. Click on the searched
word/phrase and it will redirect you back to the web page having the searched
words and that of phrase highlighted in a yellow color.

8. How to Undo Typing
in other to Delete Already Typed Message on iPhone devices.
Simply shake your iPhone and click on Undo Typing to have
the message deleted. To redo the messages deleted, that is retrieving the
original messages or SMS, just shake your iPhone again and then click on Redo
9. How to Type Emoji
with Shortcuts via iPhone devices
For those that like using Emoji while messaging and don’t
like switching the virtual keyboards repeatedly, this trick can go handy for
you. As you can use the trick below to type Emoji using alphabets shortcuts. To
go about using that just follow below settings:
Go to Settings >
General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.
Go to Settings > General
> Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…
Insert a frequently
used Emoji in Phrase.
Insert a text in
Shortcut which will be used to convert to Emoji.
10.Use this method in
Formatting Email Content on iPhone
You can actually format your email content as you are
writing on your iPhone. This is how to do such; get the text you wish to format
highlighted, and then click on option
for the “BIU”
Ensure to tap on it and choose any of the outlined format, examples;
Italics font, Bold, or underline.
11. How to Generate
Random Passwords with Siri on iPhone
We all know about the voice assistant Siri that can do lots
of things even things that are not present in the command list. You can
actually generate a random password with it by just activating and saying
“random password” and immediately after that, Siri will provide you with
8-alphanumeric-character password. If you wish, you can as well add character
length. For example, “random password 16 characters”.
12. How to Filter
Groups That Can Reach You on your device
The feature called ‘Do
Not Disturb’
gives users on iOS
and even on Android, the settings to
silence calls, alerts and notifications
when the iPhone or Android is locked. It also set out important calls which you
wouldn’t want to miss to answer when it is activated. You can simply select
some services you need and block the ones that will not be necessary to you
when your iPhone is locked. Do that by going to settings > Do Not Disturb mode > select the service
you wish to block.
13. How to Disable
Messages Preview on iPhone devices
You can stop or prevent anyone from accidentally reading
your incoming messages SMS alerts when you are not with your iPhone, by going
Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview
. And click
on option and then turn it off to stop the message from previewing in alerts
and banners.

14. How to Turn Off
Read Receipts in iMessage
Using iMessage is very interesting on iPhone devices; as you
can actually use it to send free text messages, free video messages, send photo
and videos etc. to other iPhone users running iOS 5 to the latest and current
version iOS 11.  So this feature called Read Receipts is such that inform or
let your friends know whether you have viewed their messages or not. So the
trick we are applying here will enable you view their message and it won’t
appear as viewed in their phones. To do that, go to settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts > Off.

15. How to Turn
IPhone Assistive-Touch Icon On or Off Quickly
Simply go to your iphone settings and get AssistiveTouch
turned ON and OFF easily.
In our next section of iPhone Basic tricks and tips
tutorial, the following are outlines we will cover;
16. How to Send
Multiple Photos At Once In Messages and Mail tricks.
18. How to Extract
iPhone SMS & Read It On Your Computer systems
19. how to Activate
Text-To-Speech On iPhone smart device
20. How to Activate
Text-To-Speech On iPhone devices

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 So stay tuned for the
updates, meanwhile explore the above tricks which are enough and capable to
make you a smart user. Ensure to comment and share this post with friends on
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