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Guide to Download Applications From The Internet

Hello to you our esteemed fan, today, we bring to you guide to properly download any applications shared on this website (Techbmc.com). Due to some complaints about most fans not being able to install apps from external links shared on this platform, we decided to write an easy guide or steps, to properly direct you on how to go about downloading apps.

Our major purpose of  sharing apps to you is for educational purpose, as well as having fun with them via your mobile and pc gadgets. But it is expedient you know some basic steps to download from any online platform that shares such files. Below are the things to denote about downloading applications from the internet, probably on any website page.

Various files can be downloaded from any download site, files like: Software & Computer Games, Mobile Software & Games, Photos, Music, Documentary, etc.

Due to the frequent requests of users, we decided to teach in a comprehensive manner how to use downloaded files from the site.

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Frequently asked questions and problems by users.

Tip 1 : We will also come up with computer game troubleshooting guide soon, as well as, Software installation and activation links for various systems.

Download files:

The best way to download files is to use a download management software.

IDM and DAP software are recommended for this purpose . If one of these programs is installed on your Windows, clicking on the download link will automatically start the download. It is also possible to stop downloading and continue at another time.

But if you don’t want to use the download manager software, just right-click on the download link and select Save Link or Save Target. This way the download is done by the browser itself.

After the download is complete, go to the file storage and run it. The location of the file is stored in the download manager or browser itself.

Important note about keeping files downloaded:

Do not delete the compressed files you downloaded from the site after Extract. And keep it the same way on your computer or smartphone.

Because your antivirus may remove content like Patch or Keygen and you may need to extract it again.

Open Downloaded Files on PC:

  • Most of the files we will share on this site will be compressed.
  • After downloading, the file is saved to your computer:
software to unzip compressed files
software to unzip compressed files

You need a compression software to unzip these files. ( Example of such is WinRAR )

The way the compression software works is a bit different. But for example, if WinRAR software is installed on your Windows, just right-click on the downloaded file and select Extract Here from the WinRAR menu to compress the file:

Most of the download land files that are compressed in this way have a password. For this reason, after clicking the Extract button, a window will open where you must enter the password.

  • The password for these files are most times shared on the web platform you are downloading from.
  • So Enter the password given and click on the OK button.

(If you encounter an error like File is Corrupt or Download fresh copy at this point, the troubleshooting guide will also be updated on this website)

The file will be compressed. Then a folder with the same name is created in the same path, which contains the contents of the program: Enter this folder. The contents of the program will be in the folder.

Open Downloaded Files on Mobile:

Mobile files include software, games, music, and mobile backdrops.

Software and mobile games are directly (and without compression) on several site. To be easily downloaded and installed by mobile.

Music, backdrop, and Data files are also ZIP-compressed without a password. You can easily download them on various mobile phones (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc.) and open them directly on your mobile.

Antivirus warning about downloaded files:

Many of the programs you download from online sites contain Crack, Keygen, and Patch files for activation.

Because of the nature of these files, some antivirus warnings do not allow them to be opened. In these cases, temporarily disable your antivirus and re-enable your antivirus after registering the program.

All antiviruses can be temporarily disabled. To do this, right-click the antivirus icon in System Tray and look for options like Disable.

Most of the files are tested by the download support team and there is no concern that the files are infected.

Software activation:

Many software have to go through Activation or Registry to work without restriction.

If the software needs to be activated, the information needed to do so is contained in the contents of the file. (Serial, Patch, Keygen, Crack)

The necessary guide is also included in the description of each item.

Error opening downloaded file:

You may encounter the following errors when attempting to unzip the downloaded file: Such errors are likely to be CRC error, Wrong Password

  • This error appears when you did not enter the file password correctly.
  • File is Corrupt so Download fresh copy

This error occurs when the file is incompletely downloaded. For example, disconnecting the Internet, or poor quality of Internet service, may cause this problem.

To fix this problem, install and run WinRAR on your computer. Then go to the location where you downloaded the file from WinRAR and select the downloaded file. Then click the Repair option at the top of the software and click OK. A new file of the same name will be created with the Fixed prefix next to the previous file. Now unzip the new file easily. (This fixes the problem in 99% of the cases. But if the problem is not resolved, the only way is to download the file again)

The system cannot find the file specified

The system can not find the path specified

The main reason for these two errors is that the antivirus does not allow the file to run. In these cases, temporarily disable the antivirus (or Windows Defender) and try again.

The second reason is that the address space of the executable file is over 256 characters (due to nested folders, or long folder names) Copy and paste the installer file into a shorter path.

Failure to run Patch and Keygen files

Some antiviruses are sensitive to these files and may delete or disable them. In this case, temporarily disable your antivirus, then redo the downloaded file in a new direction and run the file. In the meantime, right-click on these files and click Run as administrator.

Also Request help with downloaded files:

At the bottom of each post is a comment form. You can ask your questions and problems in the comments section. Our Support team is reviewing these downloads. You will then receive your response via email or on the same page. Regards