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Which Online Converters are Available Free to Easily Convert Your Folders or Files

If you want to convert your files and folders without any hassle, then here we have some incredible options of online tool converters to make your task a lot convenient. Online tool converter platforms are the best areas for all those students who might consider a file converter process a daunting thing to perform. Below is the list of top leading online tool converter platforms that will convert your files/folders or video formats in just a matter of few seconds. All the online tool converters which we are about to mention right here are free of cost and friendly in their working process. 

  1. ConvertFiles

ConvertFiles online file converter is one of the top leading converter platforms which will enable you to convert your video files/folders easily. If you want to convert any video, you are just restricted from uploading a video within 250MB. As your video file gets converted, it will be saved online, which you can, later on, download easily. 

This online converter supports OGG, 3gp, as well as mp4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, MKV, and different other formats of video files. Above all, this online tool will also allow you to easily convert or download your videos from various online streaming sites as free of cost. Few popular videos supported streaming websites are Megavideo, Metacafe, Youtube, and so on.  Get ready to convert your file with this tool!

  1. OnlineConvertFree

This has been yet another top amazing online converter tool which we have always recommended for the educational use or business assignments. Through the use of this platform, you will be able to easily convert your video, audio, pictures, documents, or different compressed files in various formats. 

You will be amazed to check out 100 different format options available in this online tool. It is free to use and does not require any user account. Hence it is extremely fast in its working process and reliable in a file conversion task. It has a friendly interface. A few basic formats which are available on this online tool are 7Z to ZIP as well as WMA to MP3 or RAR to ZIP. You can also look for AIFF to MP3 or M4A to MP3 and even WAV to MP3. Start using it now!

  1. Media-Convert

On the third spot of our list, we will be mentioning the name of Media Convert. This online tool is a free converter that will easily convert all your audio, documents, compressed files, or images without any hassle. What else you want? 

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This online tool site also offers you an option in which you can send all your folders and files into your mobile devices. Its overall conversion process is friendly and easy to use. There is no need to waste any money for file conversion or registration. It is free of cost. You need to upload your file, and in a few minutes, your converted file will be available in front of you.