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Instagram iPad App Yet To Be Developed: Reasons From CEO

This year is 2020, and Instagram has no plans for the iPad yet. Despite the additional limitations and features of this social network, now in response to users’ questions this week, Instagram CEO Adam Egypt has explained why the company has not yet introduced an iPad app.

According to Egyptian (Adam Mosseri), the only reason this app didn’t launch for the iPad is simply that there are no resources available to develop the app for the two operating systems. He went on to explain that Instagram has done a lot of work that could lead to the conclusion that developing the app for the iPad is not as profitable as the company planned it to be.

The Egyptian said:

“We would love to build an app, but we need to keep them on a limited budget and with a lot of users. But we also have plans for iPad users that will go with the times.”

Instagram in general is still silent about its tenacity over building an iPad app and avoids it. When a reporter asked a question, why was last month’s direct (new feature) messaging a priority rather than an iPad app?

The director of the company simply said that direct messaging was more important because it served many users.

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The new Instagram feature offers users who interact less with us to interact with them and, conversely, users who interact with us better are suggested to interact more with them.

Whether or not the iPad app is even available on Instagram is unclear. Buying resources that are somewhat difficult for a big company like Facebook mentioned in the Egyptian commentary to see if the company intends to build this app? what do you think? Let us know via the comment section. Ref