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Alibaba Got Hacked and Users’ information stolen

Today, Alibaba posted a text on Twitter announcing that the hackers had targeted the company’s servers and stolen user information.

This morning, Alibaba, the nation’s largest online travel ticket seller, posted a text on Twitter saying that some of its servers had been hacked and that many customers who purchased the server were stolen. Is. Alibaba will assume all responsibility for this information theft and will bear all the consequences of this, the company said, adding that security has always been a top priority and is working to re-secure users. According to Alibaba, the service will release further information in the coming hours. One of the interesting points in a statement from Alibaba is the following: “It should be pursued with the help of the judiciary and security agencies.”

Masoud Tabatabai, a member of the board of directors of Alibaba, posted a post on his Twitter page pointing out the hacker attack, saying that hackers had access to source code in addition to user information. However, the board member noted that the Alibaba security team had taken the necessary steps from the beginning.

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Unfortunately, some of Alibaba’s servers have been hacked and have access to some user information and source code. Alibaba’s security team has taken the necessary steps, and given the clues available, this issue is being pursued through relevant agencies.

In his tweet, Tabatabai also acknowledged the blame and apologized to all those affected.

What is Alibaba’s next defense? Will we have new information? We have to see how the company’s users and executives react in the next few days. Ref: Techbmc