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Hackers Spreading Malware Using Coronavirus as Scare Means

Hackers have used ransomware to steal users’ sensitive information by exploiting the Corona virus and spying on people around the world.

According to experts, hackers have sent a message to ordinary people in Japan. The hackers in these messages claim that the Corona virus has entered the country and ask the message reader to open an attachment that is a Word file type to learn new information.

But here’s how the average person unwittingly executes a set of commands by secretly opening this file and downloading Emotet malware to the victim’s computer. Once installed, the malware allows hackers to steal sensitive information or to ransom the victim by running a ransom on the system.

Experts said in their report that the attack would probably be used in the future.

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The attack could be significantly successful using Emotet ransomware because of the widespread impact of the corona virus and the fear of the virus. In the future, other countries will probably use the same method and install the same malware.

According to Bleeping Computer, hackers using Emotet have already done such things as inviting events and holidays to Halloween or Christmas parties or parties to spread the malware. Hackers have done this again with the spread of the Corona virus. (So far, the virus has killed more than 305 people and killed more than 14,300 worldwide.)

In addition to Emotet malware, Kaspersky Lab also reports the discovery of various types of malicious files hidden as documents containing corona virus information. These malware are Word documents, PDFs, and MP4 files that contain instructions that can steal information.

While health authorities around the world are working from moment to moment to contain and eradicate the Corona virus, people should not heed the rumors and get themselves caught in the malware. Google created the SOS Alerts tool to make the virus’s accurate and easy-to-read information accessible to the public, while being commissioned by the Johns Hopkins System Science and Engineering Center, data from several official bodies in the Reference is made. Ref: digitaltrends PCmag ibm xforce