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How to save photos from Instagram

Instagram View profile picture Profile and Ig Downloader for your account

Today, every person has its own account in Inst. At the moment, this is one of the most popular social networks in which people can share the most bright and internal moments from their daily life. Storage status, video video, download photos, etc. However, at the same time Instagram is a fairly closed network that will not give you the opportunity to save the contents to your device. Privacy policy simply will not allow you to save the photo or download stories.

Most often you will need to make a screenshot that will reduce image quality or contact outsiders. Fortunately, there are many of them. There are whole services that provide a very wide range of services. For example, Toolzu. This service allows you to view any photo from a profile in good resolution and high quality. Instagram View Profile picture will be an excellent tool for saving your favorite photo using another application. Also, after you use Insta dp viewer, you need to save your result.

One of the options can be bot

Bots, in my opinion, are the best invention of social networks. They can provide a really huge range of features and services. How does he work? Very simple. Copy in Instagram a link to the desired photo, open the window of the bot in the Telegram, insert the link to the message and send the bot. After that, the bot will save the photo in high quality.

You can also use the web page code

For this method, we do not need to upload additional software. It suffices to take advantage of the browser capabilities. And in this case, without instructions, there is no alas.

Open the desired post in the browser.

Rightclick on the image.

SelectView Code“. The right window opens with the page code. One line will be highlighted. We need what will be right above it. Nearby will be a triangle. Click here.

Some more codes will open. There will be several links here. This method is convenient because you can choose the desired quality. The last address will lead to the source image.

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Extensions for browser

With extensions, everything is just like with bots. Enter the request for an expansion repository and find options for every taste. Some are directed only to keep something from their account, and some help will bring a computer’s functionality to a mobile device.

After it is set next to the photo, the arrows icon and the download signature will appear. Just click on it and save the desired folder.

If you are too lazy to cope with the source code or set some extensions, you can perform a simpler path and save the image through the online service. Such sites, and they are usually extremely simple. Simply insert a link to a special field and click the Download button.

Do not forget about copyright, it does not matter why you searched on GoogleHow to save photos from Instagram?” OrHow does Instagram download photos?”. In any case, if you collect these images to create publications, you must understand that the copyright is severe and merciless. The point here is not so much in his moral decision, as in the rules of the social network, which generously distributes banners for plagiarism. And if you also use photos of other people to earn income, it can smell like a completely real test.

The easiest option for downloading photos from Instagram will copy the link to the message and send it, for example, on Facebook. As a result, the photo will automatically appear in the message, and everything that has yet to be done is to open, rightclick and selectSave As …”. Everything else, in essence, this invention of the bicycle. But the taste and color of all markers are different, you can even be comfortable with a bot in Telegram.


Although Instagram is quite difficult due to closure, but this is a rather solved problem. You just need to spend a little (or a lot) of your time and save your favorite content. The main thing is not to forget about copyright and use only proven methods. All the best!