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5 tips to get your Video Viral on Instagram faster

Social media is quite a star-maker. We have witnessed platforms like Instagram making people overnight sensations over the past few years. This overnight success is attributed to their posts and videos getting viral. If you are a content creator, an artist, or a business/brand, if you are on the social media platform, you are here to become famous, seek engagement and gain a high number of followers.

While these things take time to happen, engagement and growth of followers is a long and organic process, unless you have the option to buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers, etc., from third-party services. Another way of getting a high number of followers and getting popularity is by making video content with the attributes of getting viral.

It may initially seem complex and challenging if you have not tried making videos on social media or have not seen success with your previous posts. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when making your next video so that it stands a chance of getting viral. So read ahead and understand what you can do to make your next post a social media sensation.  

1. Understand what’s going viral and trending

If you wish to make a viral video on Instagram, it takes a bit of research and exploration. It is not a simple formula; what may have worked last week may not work today. Therefore, it is vital to research and explore what is trending on various social media platforms and the internet.

This can be anything, a piece of news, a song, a dance piece, a meme, or a dialog from any movie or sitcom. What is important is that you identify such trends but make sure that your trend resonates with your niche.

The best way to work on these lines is by choosing a trend or topic and then adding your take on it. This way, you are not simply copying something but creating something interesting based on a viral trend. Such content will have a higher chance of getting attention and receiving higher engagement rates. If this does not work, you have the option to buy Instagram views and get legit Instagram followers.

2. Target the audience based on your content niche

For something to go viral, it should get a substantial amount of views and likes. If you have a very high number of followers on Instagram, it may be a comparatively easy task. However, if you do not have a high number of followers, you must gain a high number of followers. An excellent way of gaining followers is by using popular and trending hashtags.

These are keywords that are searched and followed by thousands of users and can add a search ability factor to your post. Additionally, you must add content relevant hashtags to your post to attract audiences that are genuinely interested in your content. These users are more likely to watch your content and follow your account. Apart from that, to attract a target audience, you can also use geo-tagging.

Geo-tagging is great for local brands and businesses. If these things do not work for you, you have the option to buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers to increase the chances of your content getting viral.

3. Use third-party services

If you are trying to make your content go viral, you are not the only one trying to do so. Instagram is full of creators and brands that are either independently or through professional help, creating and posting video content that they wish to make viral. Now, when the competition is so stiff, you would want to get as much help and support as you may get.

There are numerous social media growth services and tools that can come in handy when you seek some assistance in getting a high number of views and likes. These high-quality services provide you with the ability to buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers. Additionally, they also help you by offering services like suggesting hashtags, post scheduling, and filtered audience targeting.

These services come in very handy when you seek to engage a high number of users as they take care of engagement while you dedicate your time and energy to creating quality content.

4. Cross-promote

For a video to get viral, you need the maximum views possible. While you have your Instagram users to watch and like your content, you can also redirect your loyal followers on other social media platforms to your Instagram account to increase the number of followers and views on your post.

This way, you can use your loyal following on various social media platforms to gain engagement on Instagram and increase the chances of your post getting viral. You can post screenshots of your post and links on various social media handles to redirect the audience of that particular platform. 

5. Post challenges and rope in influencers

Viral videos and the reach of Instagram have given rise to a section of social media users with a high following. These people are fondly called social media influencers. They have a very solid following on platforms. So if you want to get viral content, you must engage with such influencers. An excellent way to do so is by making collaboration videos, post challenges. You may ask your followers to perform tasks that may include liking and sharing your post. This way, you get engagement and reach. 

Hope this post gave you some insights to come up with your next viral post. Getting a viral post is not rocket science. Explore, add your twist and reach out. Till then, happy Instagramming!