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Increasing online sales with Insta bot

Social networks were created primarily as places for entertainment and communication. And today they successfully perform this function. Millions of users around the globe start their morning by checking their feed and browsing their friends’ stories. Also for many businesses, such platforms provide a lot of opportunities to access their target audience not only in their own country but also abroad.

However, marketers note that organic growth is almost impossible today, and one has to invest a pretty little sum of money (read: spend huge marketing budgets) to promote an account and start selling something. Today we are going to consider, if bots are still alive in 2022 and how to wisely use them for your social media management and marketing activities.

Features of automatic tools for Instagram

The verse of the popularity of bots and automation methods fell in 2017-18. Many companies have developed various tools to automate processes such as liking, commenting, and managing automatic subscriptions. The purpose of which bots was to create the impression that the action is performed by a living person, and not by a program. But unfortunately, many of these apps were of poor quality, and their owners were banned by Instagram. In this regard, a large number of accounts have been blocked, and many businesses have concluded that it is better to completely abandon these methods and do everything manually. As a consequence, they faced the problem of wasting time and barred significant financial costs. The question arises, is there still a reliable Insta bot that can solve the tasks of a marketer safely and inexpensively?

With Inflact online, you can bot Instagram free and automate many routine tasks. Here are just a few basic tasks that you can entrust to this virtual assistant:

  • Audience management – the AI can analyze the profiles of your subscribers and find similar users with the same interests in a certain region, after that you can set up ads for new people.
  • Maintaining activity on the page – the bot will perform simple actions (put likes under the posts of those you follow, comment, reply to comments and conduct simple correspondence).
  • Scheduled content publishing – you just need to prepare materials and set the day of the week and time in the calendar. The program will publish without your participation.
  • DM chats – you can script a bot to automate replies to recurring questions from your customers. Thanks to this, you do not have to waste time on routine, and will be able to focus on other important tasks.
  • Hashtag generator – using artificial intelligence, it is now easy to select key tags for promotion. The program analyzes current trends, so your selection will always be up-to-date. and most importantly, you will get a mix of 30 high, medium, and low-frequency hashtags in just 30 seconds.

These are not all the features of Inflact, you can go to the site to see for yourself. It is also worth trying this useful tool once. Order a two-week trial to test everything.

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How bots help sell on Instagram

Let’s talk about just one possibility – it’s chat marketing or communication in DMs. Automation helps to serve customers faster and easier, increase their loyalty, engagement, increase the number of leads and sales. A modern chatbot is not just a smart assistant, it serves customers and communicates with them 24/7.

Chat marketing uses instant messengers to increase conversions. When you have more than 1000 followers on Instagram, direct automation starts to be useful for business. If you have fewer, then you should focus on account growth and content quality first. Pages with 1 thousand subscribers, should consider implementing a chatbot to turn likes and comments into real orders. Let’s analyze the case.

There are many photographers, hairdressers, beauty salons, and other types of businesses providing services on Instagram. Most of them post their work and use the feed as a showcase. A chatbot can be set up so that after clicking on the “Send Message” button, the following menu will open, where a client must choose an option: “Get a price”; “See portfolio”; “Read reviews”; “Make an order”.

The client does not need to wait for the manager’s response. The chatbot will process the order by asking the potential customer questions. For example, a photographer can set up a bot that will clarify the details of the order (“I need to ask a couple of questions in order to more accurately orient you on the cost, it depends on: when will the event be? what is this event? Send me your phone number, and I’ll send you a quote”)

Automation itself does not increase sales, so you should not expect a fantastic influx of customers immediately after the introduction of the bot. But it will help you cut costs and save a lot. Therefore, it is worth considering this possibility as soon as possible.