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Apple considers launching AI-powered coaching service

AI is the burning topic of the day, and Apple is weighing in on the conversation with rumored plans to develop an AI coaching service. This new app in the making may be a game-changer for the practical use of artificial intelligence to improve physical and mental well-being.

One of the biggest tech companies in the world has been relatively quiet on the AI front so far. Earlier this year, Apple guardedly tested the waters with an AI-powered service allowing authors to turn their e-books into digitally narrated audiobooks. In the wake of OpenAI’s massive chatbot ChatGPT, however, the tech giant could only but double down on its AI efforts. And while rumors suggest that the iPhone maker is toying around new language-generating concepts, Apple users may first get their hands on an AI coach before dealing with a Siri-powered chatbot. 

Codenamed Quartz, the project could come off as an algorithmic coach offering customized suggestions to users on their eating or sleeping habits. This one-of-a-kind assistant may even keep them motivated to hit the gym. Synchronizing with the Apple Watch, the app would dig into user data to monitor and analyze sleep patterns, diet, and exercise routines. As part of Apple’s broader health push, the app could also act as a mood tracker.

However, lips are sealed at Apple. As reported by Bloomberg, employees working for the tech giant haven’t been given the go-ahead to speak publicly about the initiative, which remains to be announced officially. Ultimately, this up-and-coming service could end up delayed or canned altogether. Still, reports predict that this innovative coaching tool shall come out next year if the development goes according to plan. 

In the meantime, the Tim Cook-led company is doubling its efforts to boost its healthcare settings. Plans are underway to roll out an iPad version of the iPhone health app later this year, allowing tablet users to check their electrocardiogram results or keep track of any health changes over time. Brand-new tools for managing vision conditions, including short-sightedness, are also making their way onto the app in June. Additionally, the tech giant’s upcoming mixed-reality headset will incorporate a meditation feature.

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And this health and wellness strategy has paid off for Apple. A major selling point for the company’s smartwatch, these health features have revolutionized medical care, allowing users to share data and information with their doctors. Non-invasive glucose and blood-pressure monitoring technologies are also purportedly in the works.

So, can Apple refashion the mental health landscape as well? Studies suggest that artificial intelligence could play an instrumental role in supporting mental health services. As early as 2017, The New Yorker reports, clinical research psychologist Alison Darcy developed a smartphone app based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Using natural language processing, the app can interpret what patients say to change patterns in their thinking.

Fast-forward to 2023, and artificial intelligence is actively helping medical practitioners deepen their understanding of the causes of complex and, at times, misdiagnosed disorders. However, AI application use has significant shortcomings. The World Health Organization has rung the alarm on the overly accelerated promotion of AI models that remain to be proven viable in the long term.

Key figures in artificial intelligence also called for suspending the training of powerful AI systems. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined tech billionaire and Twitter CEO Elon Musk in signing this cautionary open letter. Still, the generative AI gold rush shows no sign of abating. And this nascent technology has already worked wonders in many sectors, such as the gaming industry.

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Arguably, AI-powered services are gaining more traction than ever before. And Apple is one of many Big Tech players eyeing toward artificial intelligence. So, will the company’s devices determine a user’s mood in no time? Apple, always the trailblazer, is definitely setting its sights on the future of wellness.  7