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5 Essential Security Apps For iOS Devices

Our black screens are not just screens anymore, it’s become a portable vault of our personalized stuff, and we consider this trunk as the safest place to store our valuable assets. Our cellphones know us more than ourselves as from our images to contacts, and confidential emails to card details; we save almost all the personal and sensitive information in our PDAs, to get the smooth accessibility. The more our life is becoming digital; online security is becoming paramount and increasingly challenging.

It’s doubtless that when it comes to your beloved pieces of Apple merchandise, you dearly secure your device and your priceless content. What if your iPhone lost or stolen by some street thieves or might be your data gets hacked while using the perks of public wifi? What would you do what if the hacker share or ask ransom to keep your photos safe? This is not a hypothetical situation anymore.

Although iOS offers some protective features including a passcode, touch and face ID, encrypted messages, etc. within the software, still you never know when the hackers get the chance and break into your iPhone and adding an extra layer of protection is never being redundant.

Thanks to the post-Snowden age that increase the awareness of online privacy along with an explosion of interest in mobile privacy and security apps for everything right from communication to anonymized browsing to ad-blocking to anti-tracking and what not.

Consult our list of five best security apps and give it a try to these apps and guard your iOS against cyber criminals.

1. Lookout – An all-around security

Lookout - security iOS APP

We all somehow believe that being a part of Apple ecosystem means guaranteed safety, but there are proven threats that can breach the data from iPhone. The biggest threat a smart user has the loss or mugged-up, which is why Lookout is interestingly popular among smartphone users.

It’s an app that locates your phone incase you misplace it, activate an alarm in case of suspicious activities and disable your device from a distance.

Lookout uses a mobile-first, cloud-first approach to ensure CISOs keep corporate data secure far from risks of malicious attacks. CISOs does not keep your iPhone secure from the single threat but the full spectrum of mobile risk. Most of the exclusive features require Apple watch, and if you don’t  have a high-end smartwatch, then your iPhone can’t enjoy the complete security.

2. 1Blocker – My phone, my Freedom

1Blocker - IOS security app

Imagine you are browsing your favorite latest series and a window pop-up asking you to subscribe a newsletter. What do you do? A) frantically look for the little ‘x’ to close the box, B) Roll your eyes quickly press the back button to leave the webpage or C) Wish to get rid of those annoying pop-ups while crawling on your favorite sites.

1Blocker, one of the favorite iOS content blocker app, finally roll out a feature that turns option C much easier for you.

iOS 9 introduced new-content blocking features that let developers create a slew of mobile ad-blockers for safari on mobile without having to go through technical workarounds.

The best among those is 1Blocker, a powerful and profoundly easy to configure content blocker with a preloaded array of ad-blocking rules and settings, providing absolute freedom to create their content blocking rules. With 1Blocker, you can easily block unsightly ads and other social widgets with a single click, furthermore you can also whitelist specific pages if you want them to let content through.

3. Silent Phone – Cryptonize your Communication
Silent Phone - Cryptonize iOS Security

Encryption was once a technology that was relegated to spies and security services, but due to increasing cyber threats, the tech has been around for a long in an ordinary user’s everyday life. The main reason of spreading encryption tech is the number of hacks, that reached 177,866,236 in 2015 respect to personal records; corporate records are different. If you look around, encryption is everywhere, right from a bank transfer to your online shopping, but recently it’s becoming essential for our less monetary communications – such as text messages and calls with friends.

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You never know when your private conversation with your business partner gets hacked by your competitor employee and he gets to know all your strategies.

To get your communication secure and encrypted, silent circle, a trusted provider of secure communications software and hardware developed a secure mobile messaging app for your iOS, providing encrypted video, voice calls and self-destroying messaging with file transfers, – sounds like Whatsapp? Yes, but what differentiates and make Silent Phone more transparent, is the encrypted keys are self-creating, and Silent Circle can’t read your keys. Cool! Right?

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4. NordVPN – a 360-degree and a multitasking mobile security app

NordVPN - mobile security app

Imagine you are using a public WiFi and a hacker sitting next to you snoop and hack your Facebook password or in case you are using a third-party app in your iOS and you find malicious content start running in the background or could be any of your normal browsing act that turned into a disaster.

One of the best way to enjoy your browsing freedom and remain anonymous in the digital world is to use a best and fastest VPN. Keeping the security of your iOS into consideration, we recommend you to use a NordVPN.

NordVPN, a VPN with 2,800 servers spread across 59 countries worldwide, available at a minimum price of $3.29/month, has managed to anonymize more or less 1,000,000 users globally. NordVPN is a user-friendly VPN that allows you to connect up to 6 connections simultaneously and follows a no-logging policy. With this VPN, ads with malicious content would automatically block and kept you anonymous. So if you are not in the US and want to stream US-only content without compromising your online privacy and anonymity, then we suggest you opt for the speediest VPN – NordVPN and be anonymous in a digital arena.

5. ProtonMail – Secure your Confidential Emails
ProtonMail - Secure your Confidential Emails

Email encryption is never that easy; you needed to create keys for the cipher and maintained the lists, and then encryption starts, and you should remember the secured emails to search and as well as keys and programs to decrypt, in case you forget anything you will never get that email again.

Having emails safely encrypted – end-to-end – is so useful when it comes to communicating the competitive strategies in corporate world and to securing your earnings strategies deserve some trouble and effort, isn’t it?that’s where ProtonMail decides to step in.

ProtonMail keeps your emails private with no manual configuration and the best thing it supports PGP end-to-end encryption – so only you and your partner know the plans. Every bit of this app is as clean and easy to use, and it’s free. Securing million dollars emails never be free, but with ProtonMail, it is free of cost and runs with the donations. This app allows you to decide to destruct timers on messages and send password-protected yet encrypted messages to ordinary email addresses.

Final Verdict on Best Security Apps For Every iOS User

You can buy a new iPhone, but you can’t buy get your data back, that can be lost in millions of ways. If hackers, spammers, spyware, and what not, can find a thousand ways to jump into our identities, so can’t we just take some protective measures to turn their half of hacks useless. Think about it, the data in your iPhone worth thousand times more than the cost of your smartphone. Secure your identity before it becomes a public property!