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iPhone Print: How to Print Document & Photo Files On IPhone 4s 5s, 6, 6s, 7 plus, 8, X

In this post, you will be learning how to use your (iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s, 7 Plus, 8, X and iPad devices) to Print Documents and Photos/images/picture files without much thinking on how to go about it. So, that is to say iPhone better functionality features are not only when you send and receive messages, make and receive voice calls and video calls, manage your email messages, chat with friends on different social medias, or play iOS latest games ranging from 2017 to New 2018 etc. You can as well utilize printing your iPhone photos wirelessly or your office documents or files using your iPhone and iPad devices. And below is a simplified step on how to go about printing your office files and documents via your Apple iOS iPhone devices.

Apple iOS manufacturing company, saw the need of designing a new technology called the AirPrint. This feature was developed/created and embedded in iPhone, mac, iPad or iPod touch devices to help users create full-quality printed documents and photos, without having to install any form of third party application/software for its use. 

You may be using your big-screen (iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 plus, etc.)  and may come across important office files, texts even movies, Electronic games, Music and others, which is vital and needed to be printed out from your device. This AirPrint is the solution to get all that printed out. Although, sometimes it’s not easy printing documents from iPhone devices when there is no AirPrint-supported printer around. Well, you have nothing to worry about as this post is crafted with different methods of printing. The following are they methods:

>>1. How to print from iPhone iOS Devices with AirPrint Features 
>>2. How to print from iPhone devices without AirPrint application
>>3. How to Add a Printer to iPhone (iPhone Print)?

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From above methods, select the first or you go for the alternative. Below are the steps to follow in printing your files, ensure to meticulously follow the tutorial as written here so as to achieve the aim at the end. 

iPhone Print - Print Document Photo Files
Method 1:

How to print Documents from iPhone Devices with an AirPrint Feature

Apple Company first added this AirPrint feature to iPhone devices during the release of iOS 4.2 version. So since then, users are allowed to print photos and office documents from their purchased iPhone devices without the need to download files to personal computers (PC) or even install apps or software.

In other words, using the AirPrint on iOS devices such as iPhone 6, 6s or 7 (plus), there are some basic requirements needed and they as follows:

>>1. You need an AirPrint-enabled printer for the first method to work. Currently, various brands of printer support AirPrint and such printers are as follows: HP, Canon, Brother, Epson etc. So you can go for anyone to have your files printed. But ensure the printer model is such that is compatible with Apple AirPrint.

>>2. Also keep your iPhone and printer just in the same Wi-Fi network. This helps your iPhone device to automatically detect the printer in use, when turned ON and its Wi-Fi enabled.

Some people think it’s a very difficult task to print app files using iPhone supported AirPrint devices. But the truth is that, it is very simple to execute such task, even from the above requirements and steps, one can easily print files without further guide or instructions.

However, since Techbmc.com major aim is getting tech tutorials and tips simplified for both tech savvy users and non tech inclined fans, then below comes how to go about printing with your iPhone in a step by step directions.

For those of you who might have encountered an error message pop up or problem that says “AirPrint Won’t Work” during setting up your iPhone and that of AirPrint supported Printer, just to get your files printed out. Below step has the fix solution tips, just follow it as stipulated.
Before the connection settings, below are necessary tips to follow in order to avoid or fix such error message:

>>Tip1. First of all, switch off the router in use, Printer and iPhone devices and then turn them ON again. 

>>Tip2. check very well if your printer stops working while trying to print your files.

>>Tip3. Ensure to verify if your printer is an AirPrint-supported printer 

>>Tip4. Ensure to check if you enabled Wi-Fi on the Printer.

>>Tip5. Also force reboot or restart your iPhone device just by holding on Power/wake and Home buttons. 

>>Tip6.Ensure to update your printer and to the latest firmware and don’t forget to keep is on same Wi-Fi connection.

>>Tip7. Also get your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version of Apple.

>>Tip8. Try printing from an iPhone without AirPrint.

Note: As you may have it, there are some iPhone apps that doesn’t support AirPrint, and one of those apps is Messages. So if the above provided tips can’t stop the error message or get your iPhone 6, 6s, 7 plus, print files, then move to method 2 below for better solution (alternative). 

Method 2: 

How to print files from iPhone without AirPrint App

From here, should in case your printer has no AirPrint enabled feature or maybe, can’t use airprint, then try below method to get your data files on your iPhone devices printed out without wireless printing or connection. Below are tips to get you through it. 

So to print email documents and other attached files, just login to your mail box using any if your browser via computer system. Download the files and go ahead to print them.

Also to print photos/images/pictures just download them to your PC or iphones, and for those you downloaded on iPhone, just get them transferred to your PC, that is from iPhone to Mac, and then get them printed.

If you wish to print text messages, safari history, contacts, as well as other iPhone data files etc. Then you should use AnyTrans to get them downloaded as print-supported file format or extension which are as follows: TXT, html, PDF, XLS, PPT, DOC etc. on your PC/laptops to get them printed out. Note: The AnyTrans app can extract about 25 or more than file types format from your iPhone to computer (PC).

How to Use AnyTrans For extracting Files From iPhone to PC devices 

Ensure to connect the iPhone 6, 6s or 7 plus to the PC in use and then Open AnyTrans >>Tap Device Content button >>> and Select Messages (using messages here just as an example for illustration) >>>> Select messages you wish to extract > Next, Click To Computer button.

Method 3:

How to Add Different Types of Printer to iPhone Devices 

This section encompasses tutorial on how to link or connect your iPhone to HP Printer, Lexmark Printer and to any other printer, for sole aim of printing your office files. Another tips added is how to print wireless from desktop. So if you wish to add printer to your iPhone mobile tablet, read on below.

In case you are experiencing issues trying to wireless print from your iPhone device be it (iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone X and so on, to Dell or any type of printer. Or you must have set up the wireless network properly and your iPhone refused to find or locate your printer then below easy step is for you.

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iPhone Print Tips Step By Step Guide

Guide on How to Add an HP Printer to iPhone Devices 

Connecting your HP printer to iPhone is very easy, as all you need to do, is to check first if your HP printer support ePrint (which implies, printing your iPhone files wirelessly with the use of AirPrint feature as explained in first method above.) if not, look for one that has ePrint-supported feature. Ones you get an ePrint-supported HP printer then follow below to get your iPhone connected to it.

>>1. Ensure to have installed the latest version of iTunes and iPhone firmware or even higher versions.
>>2. Next thing to do, is to connect your HP printer to the internet that your iPhone device is connected to.
>>3. Now proceed to App Store with your iPhone and install HP iPrint Application. After installation, open the app and go to your iPhone photo library through it.
>>4. Then choose the iPhone photos you wish to print, and immediately you will get a new screen display where the option containing the Print” button is located, now just tap on it and the iPhone printer will be seen as HP printer getting your photo files printed.

Latest Method to add a Lexmark Printer to iPhone Devices 

>>1. First, you need to download and install “LexPrint” application from the iPhone App Store using your iPhone device. 
>>2. Download LexPrint Listener App From Apple App Store Here.
>>3. Next after installing is to launch the app and then you will get to see a photo library just as directed on HP method.
>>4. Select the photos you want to print and click on “Use“, this will display on another screen the “Photo Preview” from there click on the wrench icon in order to make sure that the Lexmark Printer have been added 
to your iPhone device: Setting -> Printer.

Take Note: Should in case the Lexmark Printer didn’t appear/show/display on your iPhone, then go ahead and open the lexPrint Listener to locate or find it. 

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For those that uses other printers apart from HP and Lexmark Printer, you can follow below steps to get your iPhone connected to your home or office printers.

>>1. Ensure you have installed or updated to the newest/latest iTunes and that of iPhone firmware 2.0 or even higher (if your iPhone is disabled from connecting to iTunes, ensure to fix it first)
>>2. Now connect the printer you have to your computer 
>>3. Next, install “Air Photo Wifi Printing” on your smart iPhone and proceed by opening it, from there, locate your iPhone library.
>>4. Go ahead and select the photos you wish to print and click on “Connect” located at the bottom left of your device screen.
>>5. Now find the PC in which the printer in use connected to.
>>6. Proceed to print out your photos without issues and your photos will be printed successfully.

Another Quick Method on How to Print iPhone Data with a Printer

In case you wish to print data stored inside your iPhone device, such as messages, contact listings, photos, call logs etc. Here is another fast method of getting those data(s) from your iPhone tablet printed out. Proceed to do that by adding a printer to your laptop/computer, then connect the iPhone to PC/Mac. You might be needing an iOS Data Backup and restore(Apple iOS iphone data recovery). And below are reasons for use why an iOS Data Backup recovery is needed.

How to Export Data from iPhone to Mac/PC Systems for Backup & Printing

It doesn’t require much to be carried out. Just the iOS phone you wish to back up its data (be it iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) to a computer/Desktop. Anyone can actually transfer data from iPhone to PC with the help of the following guide.

To export data to your computer from iPhone X and previous released iPhone mobile phones:
>>1. Select to export contacts, text messages, photos, iMessages, calendars, videos, call logs, Text notes, etc. 
>>2. Make sure to save any important data you require from the backup file to your computer just as printable files.
>>3. Now click to backup data. 
>>4. Get to preview the data before you proceed in restoring required data from backup files to device.

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