Xbox One Tutorial: How to Manage External Drives & Move Games on Xbox One

Some days back we walked you through how an external drive is added to Xbox One in order to increase storage. Immediately you set it in place, you will be able to move all your apps, games, and any other file between your drives. Presented to you is a look on how your data can be managed as well as how external drives can be used as media drives. 

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Moving Games and Other Files Across Drives
Before moving files, you would first want to get an idea about where you would want to move them to. As aid in managing content on each drive, move to Settings/System/Storage

In storage, you will find the extra disk that you added. Choosing either one will provide you with a list containing management actions like viewing the content of the disk, making it your default drive in order to install new items onto it or renaming it.

Manage Xbox one Games

Moving a game will require you to go to My Games & Apps and select the game or application that you wish to move. Pressing the menu button on the controller enables you to call up a list containing different actions – choose “Manage game” out of the list.

Xbox one Manage game settings

On the next screen, choose the “Move all” button. A verification message pops up, and then you choose the “Move” button on it. Doing this will bring up a progress screen as the game is being moved across drives. I wish to move an Xbox 360 game from the default (internal) drive to the one I set up (external) in the following example.

xbox internal drive settings

After moving some games and you check in your Games & Apps list, you probably might wonder where the games are. Well, View Defaults is the answer. All you need do is to set it (View Defaults) from internal drive to external drive. Then you can now choose the game that you wish to play there.

Xbox external drive settings

The Use of Media Drives
You have some extra ports on the console that you can use in managing media even while bigger drives are used to store the large Xbox One games. For instance, from a flash drive, you can be able to play videos, music, or even display photos on the screen. The drive cannot just be plugged in and its’ content accessed.

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Just like how you would play a DVD or Blu-ray, first and foremost, you are required to install the right app that can enable you play media. The Media Player application is necessary and Xbox will require you to install it first if you don’t have it.

To view the content of a flash drive, it has to be inserted into a free USB port and opened from the storage manager.

The Media Player application is actually free and can be used to play many different file types. In any case that you come across the problem of the Media Player not being able to display a media file, you probably would have to try a different option such as VLC for Xbox.

Inform us on how things work out for you in the section of comment below if for more storage space you have added a foreign/external drive or if you are using a flash stick for a media drive. 

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