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PES 2020 Patch: Game files Download

Are you interested in downloading PES patch files such as latest updated features like licences, kits, badges and more on your PS4, Xbox one and PC then this tutorial will guide you on how to go about the import settings.

What is PES 2020 Patch?

PES 2020 file patches as the name implies are those flexible features a game player can add to fully Pro Evolution Soccer game in order to have more experience or enjoy more features of the game. So this PES 20 option file or PES 2020 patch helps to add or include other features rather than official released files, it could be best player of the season, best football field, and many more.

Haven known that patching is making PES 2020, 2019 or PES 2018, or PES 2017 extending to PES 2016 etc look just like the real thing in the fully developed and incorporated license, then below is the guide to instruct you on a step-by-step approach to import latest or updated patches into your PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC games.

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You may need to know that playing as a Man Red instead of Manchester United or even MD white instead of Real Madrid doesn’t really impact the main action itself, and this is because there is an argument which ensures that the lack of real names inhibits the general spectacle.

As a user or gamer using PlayStation 4 and that of PC players/users, you need not to worry over the name issue during switching, as there is an easy way to get that done without having errors or issues with the default names. So in order words, you can safely switch default names to real names.

Also, you may want to know that, downloading any user made patches to a USB stick and then moving or importing them to your PS4 ( or may be copying those patches across to your PC game files) can sure replace every of the unofficial team/players, kit, stadium, badge, trophy competition etc. And this implies that you are able to make a decent football history on the pitch, as such visually realistic.

Improving your game experience as PS4 user is actually what everyone demands, so here come the best trending steps or methods to massively add new or latest option files to PES 20 and its previous released versions from PES 2014, PES 2015 to date. Yes! You are not only limited to import files alone but can add multiple separate profiles with just a single folder on your available USB drive.

Note: Before you start downloading PES files online via different website platforms or internet forums, you should bear in mind that whatever you download from the internet is done at your own risk, so do that carefully. Meanwhile, below are the steps:

How to import PES 2020 Option files on PS4 – PlayStation 4

1. Get a USB drive and format it to FAT32
>2. Proceed by creating a folder on the USB naming it “WEPES

>3. From this step, get a desired option files from the internet, (you can get them from this website Techbmc or sites like PES World, pes-patch etc.) download the files to your USB drive.

>4. Should in case those option files downloaded are wrapped in zipped folder then ensure to unzip them in the WEPES folder you created on the USB flash drive. If not, ensure all the downloaded contents are rightly situated or saved in the WEPES folder.

>5. Now Plug the USB drive you stored the downloaded files in, into your PS4 USB port and then open up the installed PES 2019.
>6. Navigate to the Edit Menu >> Data Management >> Import/Export.

>7. Now select Import Team, endeavor to tick all the boxes on the option with “Select File” page and continue. The next is the “Detailed Settings” just leave all the boxes un-ticked.
>8. The files will now be added automatically, it may take little time depending on how many teams or leagues you downloaded to the USB drive folder.

>9. Ensure to select the “Save” option via the “Data Management” page which pops up at the end of the import process, and you are just set for all the details/features.
>10. You are not done yet, you need to add the tournament logos manually, so to that, go back to Data Management >> Import/Export >> select Import Images.

>11. Proceed by selecting the “Competition Emblems” option located in the “Import Images” Screen.
>12. Go ahead and tick all the individual images (not the folders), and click OK.

>13. The final step, all you need do is to edit each of the competition manually with the newly imported logos, get that done via ‘Competition Category’ pages having the logo import.

Haven followed the above steps, your PES should now be loaded with complete set of teams, tournaments, official names, kits, badges and logos, making it look as if you were playing a fully purchased license version of the game.

pes patch file ps4 download
pes patch file ps4 image

How to Download and install PES 2020 Option files on PC – Laptop Devices

For those PES players using personal computers, below is a guide on the installation process of any available patch PES game you may come across. This guide look a little bit different from the method of using USB trick on PS4 however, we have simplified the steps for PC patches so as to enable easy comprehension.

With the available guide below, you can import PES 2019 best players, best or highest rated Goalkeepers, best Defenders, best Midfielders and Forwards in Pro Evo 2020. PC PES Patches download is available on this website, do well to locate them and get them installed.

Or you may want to visit site like PTE patch, pes-patch etc to get the pc option files. Meanwhile, below are the steps to install any pes game patch to PC/laptops devices:

1. First of all download any available patch file
>2. Endeavor to follow the prompt or guide made available once you finish downloading.

>3. Your PC installer will ask for a folder to export to, now select your PC install file. For steam players or users, example; the directory should be like this C:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

Note: The letter “C” will vary because of the drive you selected for the game installation earlier.

>4. Now you need to test if the installation has actually worked by going to Edit Menu in game, just like we did in the installation of PS4 via edit teams manually, from there to Teams Menu and then checking the team logos, kits, names, badges etc.

With the above, you are able to get patches imported to PC PES games. So, as you await for new patches, you should keep an eye to some communities for complicated updates, also subscribe to my email to keep you updated on latest pes game patches.

How to Install Real Club Names, competitions and kits patches in PES 2020 on Xbox One Console

For Xbox one users, we are displeased to announce that at the moment there is no available feature for transferring or installation of an option file.

If not only importing externally created files directly from a USB drive, well the feature or option available for Xbox one is to manually edit the teams, competition, in-game, and kit colors. But nevertheless, ones there is an improvement, we will sure put up the guide here on this blog to let you guys know about it.
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