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Rage: Jagged Alliance PC Game Review 2019

it is no surprise that today’s gaming industry is dominated by first-person shooting and adventure action. Never the less, titles of different styles in this industry are sometimes popular enough to resist the lessons of their experience. If you think that we want to talk about one of these titles, you’re hard on the wrong! The game we’re looking at is one of the oldest and most influential titles of computer game history that maybe many of you have not even heard of, but big titles like Commandos, which represent the presence of all of us, have many of their features from this. Old series inspired. Jagged Alliance Collection For over twenty years, the guest has been the home of adventurers of tactical strategy and their own fans. The newest part of the title is Jagged Alliance: Rage! Newly released by THQ Nordic, the lovers of the collection once again face their favorite heroes. 

The game “Fascinated Alliance!” Is a Turned-Based strategy and you must just calculate and think about it, just like chess. The players in this title have a set of veteran soldiers who have to be sent to a tropical islands to defeat a major drug trafficker, and to destroy its evil army in cooperation with its innocent and oppressed people. Although the story looks very simple, but the experience of Jagged Alliance: Rage! It will be really tough. It takes half an hour to go through the simplest stages of the game, and it requires a solid Dark Souls for people who do not have the high level of strategic and tactical titles. 

The fans of this series are again killing enemies with some of the old heroes like Avon, but since they’ve been past twenty years since our first comedy adventures, some other characters are dead or retired, and people the new place takes them. 

At the beginning of the game, there are 6 soldiers to choose from, according to your taste, two of them for missions. As you think, each of these soldiers has special capabilities that can help you throughout the game and in many cases prevent the mission from breaking. My favorite character in the game was Shadow. The cool power of this limp limb allowed him to pass through his eyes without looking at the enemy and slam each creature that comes close to him! Of course, in order to utilize most of the capabilities of these heroes, you need to use adrenaline that can be used during combat and killing enemies, and some of these functions are either automatically or without the need for adrenalin use. 

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The game’s map consists of several stages that players can experiment with their own taste. Of course, the enemy soldiers are looking for you in this map and they are involved with you, which makes surfing the game’s map beyond the choice of super-style stages!

Play Jagged Alliance: Rage! A different work is the flow of the strategic style template. Contrary to other tactical and strategic topics that focus on the great factors in the struggle and the organization of forces, “Fascist Alliance: Anger!” Forces you to address the most basic needs of your soldiers, which is really frustrating and troublesome; as long as the troubles Treating the broken leg and eating wild snakes in Metal Gear Solid 3 is a misunderstanding against this game! “Fascinated Alliance: Anger!” You can become a field physician because you have to thirst and level the body of water, withdraw the beam and crack the body of the soldiers and bleed from the rush! Of course, if you use infected equipment to get rid of these problems, the hero of the game may be infected, and if you do not heal the infection, you should wait for the fever, and in summary, this situation brings to you that you are willing to make yourself a bullet to both.

 Get rid of this dog life! Unfortunately, due to such troubles, the use of aggressive methods”Fascist Alliance: Anger!” Prompts you to address the most basic needs of your soldiers, which is really frustrating and troublesome.The game will be very costly and tedious, and this is unwanted by Jagged Alliance: Rage! Turns into a work of stealth focus. Artificial intelligence is another problem. Your enemies are sometimes so sharp that they also see you behind a cottage, and sometimes they are so stupid that they are supposed to follow you and just turn around. 

But these are against the biggest problem of the game, like an ant against an elephant! The toughest feature of the game is not the technical problems, nor the enduring survival elements, nor the low artificial intelligence! Your greatest enemy is the “impossibility of restarting the stages”! Unfortunately, due to this problem, I’ve been giving up almost the game! This happening at most stages makes it impossible to restart the stage and only allows you to use your save files. 

Now, if you do not have the right game during the game or if you want to start the stage from the beginning using a different tactic, you have to return to the main menu and enjoy the lovely New Game! It’s not even possible to change the difficulty of a game without having to start it again from the beginning, which is a catastrophic problem for a tactical and difficult title! If you really want to enjoy this game, I have to make sure you save the game at the beginning of each game and do not wipe your files in any way.

Off and Restart option

Jagged Alliance: Rage! It’s a tough and hard-headed topic that only the full-fledged fans of this collection can experience without suffering from the elements of trouble-shooting survival, low-level artificial intelligence, and the big problem of “banned Rizzat”. However, after a few hours of game experience, you will be accustomed to these problems and will enjoy the joy of your entourage enthusiasts. But if Cliffhanger Productions want to consolidate their footprint in today’s competitive market, they should address the issues in the upcoming game updates and bring the next titles to newer ideas.
Platform: PC