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Onimusha: Warlords Game Review 2019

The Remaster process of Remaster or the HD of old titles has long been a pivotal point in the gaming industry, whose footprint can be traced back to the seventh generation. It may be argued that expecting fans to experience older titles with better quality in terms of the advancement of graphics console as well as providing a platform for the release of new versions of the popular IPs would have pushed manufacturers to offer HD releases. This strategy has been well documented and welcomed by players, and of course it has become a machine for money making for some companies. Continue with the latest game articles and critique of Onimusha: Warlords along with tech news on Techbmc. It’s safe to say that Capcom’s Capcom is about to deliver re-releases. The company has a long history of remixing its old titles, with its rich and richly-crafted IPs, the most famous of which are the release of releases of many popular titles of Resident Evil 4 in each generation and on all consoles shipped therein. Generation, pointed out.

Capcom has decided to re-read the title after over 18 years since the launch of its first version of one of its most famous IPs, the Onimusha series. Improving the texture quality, enhancing the resolution, sound and music is one of the few things Capcom has made in the ReMaster, but it’s worth seeing if this remixer has succeeded in providing the right quality with regard to the hardware strength of the eighth generation of consoles and meeting standard standards. Is there a remastering field?

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Onimusha: Warlords

Of course, the first expectation that the players have re-edited versions is the graphics quality and improvement over the original version. While there are improvements in the game’s model of game characters, but unfortunately, the game does not succeed as it should and maybe not. You can safely say that you will not see any other improvements in this regard, except for the HD character structure. The gaming environments are very low-quality, and there’s no hint at trying to hide things and environments, and we’ve seen the same high-quality and old-fashioned models since the PS2 console. While this title is used in pre-rendered backgrounds, but in other Capcom themes that use these types of backgrounds, we have seen at least a slight improvement in quality.

Warlords Game
Warlords Game

The quality of objects and environments is very low.
Gameplay has also been transferred to this version without any particular changes. The game controls the same as the past and resembles the Resident Evil series. The whole game is based on sword fighting and defending and dodgeing and using long-range weapons such as arrows and arrows, and some kind of shotgun weapon. The gameplay is very simple, but encountering different enemies requires different strategies. If you master the struggles as well as the combat pattern of any enemy, the game will not be a challenge at the highest level of difficulty. The only challenge players may face is to face several different enemies, which is somewhat annoying because of the basic control of the game and the slowness of the main character movements.

After killing enemies, you can absorb their ghosts with a strange gloves and use the swords to upgrade and open some doors. Weapons are only upgraded in the field of power and there are no new moves that make the gameplay and campaign parts somewhat repetitive and tedious.

By killing enemies and absorbing their spirits, you can upgrade your weapons.
The puzzles are simple and challenging, and with little thought, they will leave behind as quickly as possible. The variety of puzzles is very small and you will encounter many repetitive puzzles throughout the game.
Most riddles are duplicate and unresolved games (the riddle shown throughout the game is repeated a lot).

The bass of the game will be challenging without a sense, and will have a very smooth rhythm that even the least experienced players will be able to easily handle. 

Onimusha Warlords download
Onimusha Warlords download

Along with all of the above, one of the not-so-interesting things about the game is its being too short. Even if you did not play this title on the PS2 console and have no experience with this series, the end of the game will take up to 3 hours because the game does not have any major challenges in the field of gaming and puzzles, as well as depth. This is only possible if the game finishes for experienced and professional players in 1 hour!

The bass of the game are very simple and basic, and they have no problems.
Although in the sound sector, with good sound in Japanese language, the sounds of English are very cold and artificial and do not have enough spirit and depth to provide a unique sense of characters, so that maybe at the very beginning of the game Prefer to play with Japanese!

The title of Onimusha: Warlords will certainly be satisfying for the old fans of the series who are looking to revive nostalgia, but not so strong to attract new audiences, despite the high quality of the titles in the eighth generation. It would have been better if, like the DMC HD Collection, Capcom took a better policy, such as the release of a collection of this series with more graphics and additional content plus a more reasonable price.


Platform: PC – Score: 6 out of 10
Onimusha: Warlords is a good nostalgia for its fand but for the new players, it is not a good title while you look at other titles on the 8th gen. I think Capcom could have released an HD collection just like DmC HD Collection and consider a much more reasonable price for it.
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