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2 Best Cloud Storage Managers in 2023

Compared to traditional hard drives, cloud storage services are smart and popular data-saving services nowadays. Why? Cloud storage services offer a flexible way for users to save and manage files like documents, music files, photos, and more. With the help of cloud storage services, users can access and manage their files from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

There are many useful and practical cloud storage services on the market, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Workspace, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Flickr, Amazon S3, MEGA, SharePoint, Wasabi, Box, Box for Business, and so on. They have unique and practical features that offer users many conveniences.

So, most users take advantage of different cloud drives at the same time. This makes different cloud drive management troublesome and difficult. To make it easier, it’s recommended to utilize a cloud storage manager to manage different cloud drives in one location. If you are wondering which cloud storage manager is better on the market, you can refer to this article that introduces the top 2 tools.

Top 1 Cloud Storage Manager: MultCloud

MultCloud is a web-based cloud storage service that is specialized in cloud to cloud backup, sync, and transfer. It supports almost all leading and popular cloud services on the market so that users can add those cloud drives they use to MultCloud. Also, it doesn’t have limitations on how many cloud drives can be added.

With MultCloud, users can perform many features, including uploading files to Dropbox, downloading documents from Dropbox, sharing photos on Google Photos, creating a folder on Google Drive, etc. All features that you can do on each cloud can be performed on MultCloud. Meanwhile, it offers an easier way to visit different cloud drives/accounts with only one click. In this way, users can avoid frequent account shifting, which saves lots of time.

On top of the basic features above, users can also enjoy other professional features that MultCloud offers, such as cloud transfer, backup, and sync. Those features are vital when you want to move data between cloud drives directly and easily without downloading and uploading. MultCloud gives the industry-leading transfer/backup/sync speed. Even if users have lots of data, the task can be finished as quickly as possible. For example, users are able to transfer files from one OneDrive account to another.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t consume bandwidth. Instead, it relies on data traffic to help users migrate/backup/sync data across cloud services. Thankfully, MultCloud provides users with 5GB of free data traffic per month. And if one wants to get more, he/she can subscribe to MultCloud.

Top 2 Cloud Storage Manager: cloudHQ

Top 2 Cloud Storage Manager cloudHQ

Another professional cloud storage management service is called cloudHQ. It focuses on providing sync and backup between different cloud apps. Specifically, there are 2 kinds of syncing, such as one-way and two-way syncing. The former is used to move or back up data from one cloud to another, and the latter means that data in both clouds will keep the same. 

There are many products on cloudHQ and each product is for a different purpose. Some are offered for migrating Gmail to Google Docs, and others are for Gmail moving to OneDrive. Anyway, when it comes to transferring and syncing files between cloud storage services, cloudHQ is outstanding. However, cloudHQ lacks scheduled syncing, which means it’s difficult to make customized syncing tasks based on users’ needs. Meanwhile, the price of cloudHQ is very expensive. 

What Is the Difference between MultCloud and cloudHQ?

As mentioned before, cloudHQ doesn’t support scheduled syncing. Whereas if you take advantage of MultCloud, you can avoid such problems because it allows users to set up automatic tasks and there are 4 options, such as running at a regulated date, daily, weekly, or monthly. Meanwhile, the price and plans on MultCloud are cost-effective. Users have option to be a lifetime user with one-time payments.

Moreover, cloudHQ is more for many apps that are not limited to cloud services. While MultCloud is an expert in cloud service management. So, if you are looking for ways to manage your different cloud services, you can turn to MultCloud. And when you want to do more on Gmail and other products, you can turn to cloudHQ.

Final Words

In a word, cloud storage managers offer an easier and simpler way to manage multiple cloud drives in one place without any effort. Both MultCloud and cloudHQ are professional and useful. Now, you can try any service according to your own situation. If you turn to MultCloud, you can make cloud sync, transfer, and backup easier.