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The Complete How-To: 4 Ways to Back Up Your Data to the Cloud

Businesses should always take the time to backup data that is essential to their interests. When something goes wrong, this is the data you need to get things back on track. There are no cons to backing up your files and several ways to do it securely.

1. TCT

The IT support experts at Total Computer Technology are a good choice for backing up data to the cloud. Their strength is in team productivity and remote work in a constantly changing digital world. With experience in cyber security, TRT has proficiency in all of the important areas of backing up important data. Instead of figuring out how to backup data, TCT will handle all of the heavy liftings.

As far as price, the service package chosen will determine the total amount. The difference between TCT and other services has to do with that complete package. Going with an independent contractor offers better customer service, price flexibility, and upgrades. Instead of getting a stronger version of consumer backup services, businesses will get a full suite of products that meets heavy demand.

2. OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive has come a long way from its introduction in 2007. The once consumer only product bundled with Windows is still one of the leading cloud backups in the industry. OneDrive for business is an upgrade from SkyDrive Pro, and every bit is as efficient.

To get the most out of OneDrive for business, having the Office suite tends to speed things up. OneDrive can back up files manually at the push of a button, or automatically with silent background sync. Simply select the app from the taskbar and select which folders or files you want to be mirrored. It’s effortless, but the lack of complexity does show in its current feature set.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is another consumer-level cloud backup service that has gained a foot in the business sector. It lacks the office tie-ins of Google and Microsoft but makes up for it with a price. Using an advanced admin login, a user can control multiple teams and their content. Like the consumer version of Dropbox, Dropbox for business maintains the best UI of any cloud-based backup utility. Their enterprise services are impressive, and even include training for administrators and users.

4. Google Drive

Referring to Google Drive as OneDrive lite is not a bad comparison. Google has created an impressive office suite that rivals Microsoft. But the most impressive part of their suite of team services is how easy it is to work together. Setup for a business Google drive account is minimal, and their prices rival Dropbox.

Companies only have access to the Office apps online, but the actual Google drive can be accessed online or offline. This is the fastest cloud solution to set up for a business, but it may not be the best choice if you already have an alternative Office suite. The features are still incredible, so if you go for one Google product prepare to adopt them all.

Back-Up Smarter

A good workplace uses the best available tools in its industry. Cloud storage is secure, automated, and part of any important business plan. If your data matters, then start backing it up on a dependable platform.