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Beit Trust Graduate Scholarships 2022/2023 for Africans in South Africa United Kingdom

Here comes an ongoing Application guide for the 2022/2023 Fully Funded Beit Trust Postgraduate scholarships for Africans. 

Beit Trust offers financial assistance to international students who wish to study in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Please read this article to find out more about the award, including the requirements, deadlines, eligibility, and how to apply. This table will provide an overview of the expectations.

Beit Trust Postgraduate Scholarships – Eligibility Requirements

The Beit Trust is an Act of Parliament that supports only students who are citizens of Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Malawi and who have permanent residence there, intend to live there, and/or plan to return to their country following their studies.

Except for medical and veterinary physicians, applicants must be less than 30 years old on 31/12/2021. It is strongly advised that you have relevant work experience after completing a first degree. This will count towards the awarding of a scholarship.

Doctors and vets must be younger than 35 years old by 31 December 2021. They must have completed an 18-month internship and a one year, rural, posting in Zambia or Zimbabwe.

People who have completed a course already cannot apply to the Trust.

The Trust will accept only applicants who have a First Class/Distinction, Upper Second Class or equivalent degree at the undergraduate level.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Fees, tuition costs, and other academic expenses. These fees are paid directly by the Trust to the Partner Universities.
  • A personal allowance that is index-linked according to guidance from an independent authority and covers maintenance support.
  • Additional allowances can be paid for your arrival, departure and laptop.
  • Economy Class tickets can be used for the first journey to the study location and the return trip.
  • There are no allowances for spouses, family members, or dependents.
  • The Trust will also cover any expenses that could arise in 2022/23 due to residual Covid protocols.

Modalities of application

Application Guide for UK Partner Universities:

1. Apply directly for admission to any of the Partner Universities. You can apply through their websites.

2. As part of your application for study, notify the university that you are approaching the Beit Trust to receive scholarship funding.

3. You can apply to more than one Partner University as long as you are able to take the course/s that interest you. We recommend that you do this to increase your chances for acceptance and expand the range of scholarship options.

4. After you receive an offer from your Partner University, it is important to apply early to The Beit Trust in order for a scholarship.

5. All supporting documents and your application must be uploaded to the Scholarship application link below in green.

6. Three referees are required: Academic, Character, and Employer (as applicable). Each referee has their own forms. The link must be sent to the applicant. Once you submit your application electronically, the link will be available.

7. Referees are encouraged to use the link in the application form. However, if they are unable to provide their reference via email, please send them the appropriate forms.

How to apply for Beit Trust Postgraduate Scholarships

Download the Academic Reference Form. Download the Character Reference Form. Download the Employer Reference Form.

The completed forms must be returned directly from the referee via their official email. 

Application for South African Partner University:

Follow the steps 3-7 above. If you are asked for your university offer letter to be uploaded, please include the details of the university/s you are applying for in PDF format. As part of the same entry-year cohort, your scholarship application will be considered along with those applying for UK universities. To apply, click on the image.

Deadline Date for applications:

  • This award entry submission deadline is February 11, 2022.

We will accept South African University Scholarship applications after the 11 February 2022 deadline.

For universities in the UK, the next round of Beit Scholarships is available for the academic year starting September 2022; and for universities in South Africa, January 2023.