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United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship 2022

Registration for the United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship 2022 is ongoing now.

The United Nations-Nippon Foundation Fellowship offers Government officials and mid-level professionals from developing countries advanced training in ocean affairs and law of the sea.

Fellows will be able to learn about the international legal frameworks, key issues and best practices in ocean affairs. They also have the opportunity to become familiar with the United Nations’ work and improve their professional skills. Fellows will also be supervised by academics and write a thesis on a chosen topic.

To see a list of Host institutions, click the Host institutions page.

Fellows will be expected to return home after the Fellowship is over and use their extensive knowledge and experience to help in the formulation of comprehensive ocean policy, and the implementation of the legal regime in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. This includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of specific improvement projects. This document PDF provides more information about the Fellowship and its objectives.

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Applying for Nippon Foundation Fellowship and the eligibility criteria

All candidates who wish to be considered for Fellowship awards must meet the following criteria:

Between the ages 25 and 40, you must be eligible.

You must have a successful first degree from a university and be able to do independent research and study.

You must be a middle-ranking professional in a national government organ in a developing state or another governmental agency in such an State that deals directly with ocean affairs issues. Your professional position must permit you to assist your country in the formulation or implementation of policy in this field. This includes marine sciences as well as the science-policy connection. The “Nomination and Remendation Form” must be signed by an official of the Government or another official who can attest the nature of your work in relation to the Government’s ocean affairs, law of the sea-related activities and how an Award would help these activities.

Your country’s ocean affairs and law of sea policy and programs must be directly affected by your proposed research and study program.

Except as otherwise permitted by the Division, you must not have any other fellowship obligations during your Fellowship period.

Candidate must clearly demonstrate satisfaction with the criteria through application forms. This must then be confirmed by a nominating authority. In order to achieve gender balance in the selection process, women candidates are encouraged to apply.

Only applications are accepted when there is an open call for applicants.

The Nippon Foundation Fellowship – Deadline for Applications

It is unknown when the award entry deadline will close.

Please refer to the Fellowship Conditions page for details about the Fellowship.

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