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Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement, BEA Scholarship Awards 2024 – 2025

In the globalized world of today, many people now consider obtaining a global education to be their top priority. The Federal Government’s Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards for 2024 – 2025 made they made this endeavor considerably easier for Nigerian students considerably easier for Nigerian students.

With this scholarship, Nigerian students have an exceptional chance to pursue their education overseas and gain exposure to a global learning environment. You will find all the information you need about the scholarship, including its perks, eligibility requirements, application process, and much more, in this all-inclusive guide.

Overview of the Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards 2024–2025

Application Deadline: January 16, 2024.

The Nigerian government launched the FG BEA Scholarship under the direction of Prof. Tahir Mamman OON, SAN, the Honorable Minister of Education. Through bilateral education agreements, it seeks to give worthy Nigerian students the chance to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of nations.

Countries Eligible for the Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards 2024 to 2025 and the Course of Study

  • Undergraduate Studies: Programs in Russia, Morocco, Hungary, Egypt, and Algeria are among the nations where the scholarship is available. The following are among the available study areas: Biotechnology, Architecture, Medicine, Geology, Engineering, Agriculture, Sciences, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Law, and Neurology.
  • Postgraduate Studies: Students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in any discipline are eligible for scholarships from China, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Russia (for those who hold a first degree from Russia), and Romania.

The participating countries bear the cost of tuition and lodging; the Nigerian government covers the costs of takeoff, supplements, warm clothes, health insurance, and research grants, if any.

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Important Information About the Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards 2024–2025

  • Those applying for scholarships in BEA nations, where English is not the official language, should be ready to spend a year in the selected nation doing a required foreign language course, where English will be the predominant language of teaching.
  • Applicants for the Hungarian Scholarship may submit applications in order of preference for up to two different fields of study. Please go to the following website to apply: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/
  • Fill out the online application.
  • For more information, prospective Russian scholarship recipients should go to the website https://education-in-russia.com.
  • It is mandatory for candidates seeking Russian Postgraduate Scholarships to have earned their undergraduate degree in Russia.
  • Make sure all necessary documents are correctly scanned and upload them in PDF format to the Russian Application webpage.

Nigeria Applicants should visit the Federal Government Website.

The Eligibility and Criteria for The Federal Government BEA Scholarship

For those pursuing an undergraduate degree:

  • Candidates must have earned at least seven (7) Distinctions (As & Bs) in Senior Secondary School Certificates (WASSCE/WAEC) (May/June)
  • Only in areas related to their intended fields of study, such as English language and mathematics.
  • The maximum age of a certificate for non-African countries is two (2) years (2022 & 2023), while for African countries, the maximum age is one (1) year (2023). There is a 17–20 age range.

For Postgraduate Studies:

  • To be eligible for postgraduate studies, candidates must possess a first degree with a first-class ranking or at least a 2nd class upper division.
  • All applicants must complete the N.Y.S.C. program, and the maximum age for master’s and doctoral degrees is 35 and 40 years, respectively.
  • Only N.Y.S.C. discharge or exemption certificates are acceptable, together with proof that an employer is prepared to release you.

How to Apply for the Federal Government BEA Scholarship

It is suggested that all eligible candidates go to www.education.gov.ng, the home page of the Federal Ministry of Education, and select the Federal Scholarship Board ICON.

After reading the guidelines, fill out the online application.

Print the Application Form after you have filled it out. Fill out the Application Form Here

NOTE: candidates nominated by the Board must submit the following documents to the Federal Scholarship Board:

  • Certified copies of their academic records
  • The data page of their current international passport;
  • Specific medical reports from government hospitals
  • Birth certificate and, if required
  • Indigenous letter of police clearance; and so on.


For Nigerian and other qualified country students hoping to expand their educational horizons, the FG BEA Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity. You can start an educational adventure that knows no bounds by carefully following the application process and sticking to the prerequisites. Recall that the entire world is your school!


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