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Apply for The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Over UK Businesses

Applications for the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is currently ongoing. Read how to apply.

This prestigious award is for outstanding achievement by UK businesses. If you qualify, you can apply. You can read the entire description of this award, including the requirements, eligibility criteria, deadlines, and more.

About the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognize outstanding achievement in business categories within the UK. And such business categories include the following:

  • sustainable development
  • innovation
  • Promoting opportunity through social mobility
  • International trade

Eligibility for the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Your organization must meet the following requirements to apply for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

  • Be based in the UK (including Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
  • File your Company Tax Returns to HM Revenue and Customs.
  • Be a self-contained business that markets its products and services on its own, with its own management
  • At least two full-time UK workers or their part-time equivalents
  • demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility

You can choose to be a business, or a non profit organization.

Each award category has additional entry requirements.

International Trade

To apply for the International Trade award, the following must be followed:

  1. You have at least PS100,000.00 in overseas sales within the first year of your entry. Year-on-year growth
  2. Demonstrate that your company has experienced outstanding growth in overseas earnings relative the size of your business and your sector
  3. Show significant year-on year growth in overseas sales (without dips), over 3 years or substantial year on year growth (without dips), over 6 years


To apply for the Innovation Award, below guide must be adhered:

  • Have an innovative product that has never been sold before
  • Your innovation has been on the market at least two years
  • Show outstanding commercial success due to innovation over 2 years or continuous commercial success for 5 years
  • You have recouped all your investments in your innovation, or you can show that the innovation will continue to recover its full cost in the future

You should place your innovation in one of these categories:

  • Invention, design, or production of goods
  • Performance of services
  • Marketing and distribution
  • After-sales support for goods and services

Sustainable Development

To apply for the Sustainable Development award, follow below guides: 

  1. Show us how you’ve achieved exceptional sustainable development over a period of 2 years
  2. Provide evidence of the positive effects or benefits of your actions and interventions

Promotion of Opportunity through Social Mobility

in other to apply under this, Your organization must have helped people with disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their job skills and increase their chances of finding employment.

You can do one or more of these for at least two years.

  • Career advice or work experience
  • mentoring
  • Offers job-related and interview training
  • Ensure that everyone is able to participate in your recruitment process

The benefits will need to be proven for:

  • The people you have supported
  • Your organisation
  • your employees
  • The wider community

What happens if your company is successful?

You’ll be:

  1. Invited to a Royal Reception
  2. A Lord-Lieutenant presented the award to your company by one The Queen’s representatives
  3. You will be able to fly The Queen’s Awards at your main office and you can use the emblem on all your marketing materials, such as packaging, stationery, and websites.
  4. Given a Grant of Appointment (an official document) and a commemorative crystal trophy

These awards are valid for five years.

Winners reported a greater recognition worldwide, greater commercial value, more press coverage and an increase in staff morale.

Deadline for applications for Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

This award entry deadline has not been announced.

Visit the official website for more information.