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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships cover all living expenses, including tuition, stipend, travel, arrival allowance, and research funding. Citizens of the Commonwealth or refugees with a 2:1 undergraduate degree are eligible to apply, aiming to create a global network and promote cross-cultural exchange.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office sponsors the CSC, an executive non-departmental public organization. It will interest you to know that the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) serves as the operational framework for the CSC, which is a clear example of the UK’s ongoing commitment to the Commonwealth.

Application Closing Date: January 10, 2024.


Applications are currently being accepted for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) for the 2024–2025 school year. Students have an incredible opportunity to study for a two-year Master’s degree in a low- or middle-income Commonwealth nation through this esteemed scholarship program. More than just a scholarship, the QECS opens doors to a world of novel experiences, cross-cultural learning, and academic achievement.

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are a transformative experience aimed at students ready to drive positive change within their communities, providing an opportunity to broaden perspectives, experience a new culture, and create a lifetime international network. Scholars from QECS play a crucial role in promoting cross-cultural interactions and scholarly cooperation, significantly aiding in tackling global issues, and they are essential participants in the Commonwealth’s network, influencing its future.

Start a journey with the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships that promise a life-changing experience in addition to an education. This is your opportunity to join a worldwide community dedicated to changing the world. Don’t pass up this chance to change your destiny and make the world a better place. For the QECS 2024–2025, apply today!

Key Benefits Of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

  • Fully Funded Education: QECS frequently pays for all living expenses, tuition fees, and other related costs of attending a university or other educational facility within the Commonwealth nation.
  • Academic Excellence: they usually acknowledge recipients of the scholarships for their exceptional academic accomplishments, since they normally give the awards out on the basis of academic merit.
  • Access to Premier Universities: QECS may provide scholars with the chance to study at esteemed colleges and universities in the Commonwealth, giving them access to top-notch instruction and resources.
  • Prospects for Networking: Scholars can establish important connections with professionals, professors, and students from Commonwealth nations, leading to future partnerships and employment prospects.
  • Leadership Development: To improve the talents and abilities of scholars in becoming future leaders in their particular disciplines, some scholarship programs, like QECS, may include leadership development or training components.
  • Community Engagement: To foster a sense of social responsibility and giving back to the community, they may urge scholars to take part in community service or engagement projects.
  • Alumni Network: QECS frequently gives scholars access to an alumni network, enabling them to maintain relationships with other scholarship recipients and gain knowledge from those who have finished the program.


Go to the official website of the company that oversees the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships, CSC UK. They ought to be fully informed about the scholarships that are offered as well as the application procedure. Website: The UK’s Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

  • Two application cycles are offered by QECS each year: Cycle 1 (November/December) and Cycle 2 (March/April). If you are interested in more than one country, you are welcome to apply in both cycles.
  • Investigate: Look at the list of host nations and colleges for the current cycle.
  • Application to University: Check out the university website for specific course details and submit an application for the course of your choice.
  • QECS Application: Click the “Apply now” button to submit your QECS application. To continue, new users must first register a myACU account.

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  • Degree Certificates: Please send copies of your prior academic qualifications’ degree certificates or diplomas.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Provide letters attesting to your qualifications and prospects for success in the program from academic or professional sources.
  • Write a personal statement or statement of purpose outlining your career and academic objectives, the reasons behind your application for the scholarship, and how it fits with your ambitions.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV): Create a thorough CV or resume that showcases your training, professional background, volunteer activity, and any other noteworthy accomplishments.


  • Citizenship: Citizens of a Commonwealth nation are typically required to apply. We know the nations that make up the Commonwealth of Nations as Commonwealth countries.
  • Academic Requirements: Generally, candidates must have graduated with honors from an accredited undergraduate program. The degree of academic success may change based on the particular scholarship.
  • English medium fluency: If the host institution uses English as the primary medium of teaching, applicants might need to show their fluency in the language via standardized exams like the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Work Experience (if Applicable): Certain scholarships, particularly those for professional development courses or postgraduate programs, may require applicants to have relevant work experience.


Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are available to whom?

Those who have completed their degree with an equivalent of a 2:1 and are citizens or refugees of a Commonwealth country quality. In a nation other than their home or citizenship, applicants must submit a scholarship application.

What is included in the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship?

All living expenses, round-trip economy airfare, fully funded tuition, a onetime arrival allowance, and a research support grant (upon request;the scholarship covers) covers approval pending.

Are the QECS awards hosted by any nations or organizations?

Universities listed only on the QECS homepage hosted the current application cycle.

How can I submit an application for a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship?

To apply for the QECS, go to the official application page, fill out the form with information about your work history, education, and personal life, attach any supporting documentation, and submit it all. To finish submitting your application, click “Submit.”


With more than 31,000 members worldwide, Commonwealth Alumni have pushed social change in the Commonwealth and beyond in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and marine conservation.

In order to assess the impact of Commonwealth Alumni’s work and research on important development issues and to learn how they have helped society locally, nationally, and internationally, the CSC Alumni Team interviews Commonwealth Alumni under each of the six CSC development topics.