Sometimes, the need to format or factory Reset your PlayStation 4 (PS4) may arise due to some improper settings or maybe you wish to upgrade/update to latest PS4 Pro. Also, it may be that you are experiencing hard time or difficulty in testing the most recent PlayStation software update and so on. If all that has been the case, then here is how to appropriately carry out such task without mistake. Before the simplified guide, below are expected questions that this tutorial has solution for, and they are: 

  • How do I hard reset a ps4 settings?
  • How do you reset your PlayStation 4?
  • How do I delete everything on my ps4?
  • What will happen if I initialize my ps4?
  • I need to sell my PS4 so how do I get the ps4 restore default settings?
  • Does restoring default settings ps4 delete memory?
  • how to delete profiles on ps4?
  • how long does it take to initialize ps4?
  • how to reset ps4 slim?
  • How to know the Reset button on ps4 controller?
  • what does initialize ps4 mean? 

Even while we wait for the upcoming PS5, let’s see how to correctly hard reset your PS4 and restore factory settings without having any error prompt. 

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Simply, Factory reset function is majorly to wipe or delete the console’s hard drive, which can also remove its system software. So if you want to ensure that the system doesn’t have any of your details or information, then hard format is the answer to that. There are two major ways of carrying out PlayStation 4 factory reset. You either go by the method of going through PS 4 dashboard or you hard format through Safe Mod, which you have to first consider whether the console is having problem like Boot-up issues. So before carrying out any of these method of factory delete resetting, just ensure to back-up your data via cloud storage or external hard drive. Then after that, proceed with below guide.


Step1. Login or sign into your Settings menu and deactivate your PlayStation account. First of all, start by deactivating the machine as the primary PlayStation 4, do that by going to PlayStation Network/Account Management. Then locate the Activate as your primary PS4 ‘’option’’, and ensure to choose Deactivate. 

Step2. Continue by signing back with your user account, remember not going to be same with your former PS4 account. Then navigate to Settings > Initialization, and scroll to Initialize PS4 Option. The first option there will clear all your saved data settings and return the PS4 to the factory state.  Although, it won’t wipe the PlayStation hard drive. To wipe the hard drive information, including downloaded game files and other things you may have added to the support, the next alternative will do that for you. Now choose this option labelled full and then give permission to console for it to carry out its function or work.  So after the reset must have finished, your PS4 will be as it were when you bought it newly from store. 


If you are still experiencing issues with the system software or may be other errors you wish to correct without going through the settings menu, you still have another option to reset your ps4 and that is through Safe Mode reset settings. Below is how to go about it:

Step1. First of all, switch off the PS4 you wish to reset. Do make sure it’s not in Rest Mode but totally turned off. So at that point when it is turned off, turn it ON by holding the power button until you get to hear two beeps. Then the ps4 will turn on displaying the safe mode option in dark background.

Step2. From there, select the reset type you want for the ps4 game; you either select Restore Default settings or Initialize ps4 to clear the hard drive and get it restored to factory settings while having the system update. You also get the option to initialize PS4, that is to (Reinstall System Software), which instruct you to reinstall the PS4’s working system update. 

Step3. Also, if you are experiencing system issues, just choose initialize PS4, and it will wipe the hard drive and also restore the console to factory settings, leaving everything as if it were to be new PlayStation Game. You can as well go for Quick and full initialization to get everything reset to standard. 

For clear practical guide for resetting your PS4, watch below YouTube video tutorial. 

How to Reset PS4 to factory

That’s all for how to get your PS4 undergo factory reset, also same process will as well be used for new coming PS5 game. Now help others in need of this tutorial get the guide by sharing with below social share buttons. Also drop your comments with below comment box for appreciation and for any question you got. 


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