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How to Recover Lost Videos from Video Editing Software

Case 1:‘After an hour of work, my Filmora shut down. I restarted my PC and the app, but my work is now lost. Is there any way to recover my project in the video editor?’ 

Case 2: ‘My hard drive crashed. It had several edited videos from Adobe Premier Pro. It seems I have lost most of the video files. Can I recover videos from Premier Pro?’

Have you accidentally deleted a project in video editing software? Closed the video editor before saving the work progress? Rendered video files are missing, or can’t find a video project in the library of your editor?

If you are in a similar situation, where you have lost hours of your work in Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Filmora, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, or other video editors, this post is for you.

Technical glitches or human errors can happen. Your valuable edited videos may get deleted or lost while editing or transferring. The tedious video editing task can go in vain if suddenly the app crashes midway, the system shuts down, or you notice the files are missing from the library in the project.

Thankfully, the solution exists. Let’s directly get to the best methods to recover lost or deleted videos from the video editing tools.

1. Recover lost videos from Autosave folder

Almost every popular video editing software, be it Filmora, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, or Shotcut has an Autosave feature. It continuously saves your videos at regular intervals in the background while editing. 

In a disaster like sudden software or system crash, while editing videos, you can always recover the unsaved video project from Autosave. However, you have to enable ‘Autosave’ in the video editor to reap its benefits. In fact, you can also set the time interval to auto-save your video project.

Here we have shared how to restore unsaved video projects in Filmora and Adobe Illustrator video editor if you have closed the app or your system shuts down suddenly.

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Restore lost video project in Filmora 

After the unexpected shutdown of Filmora during editing, restart the app and follow the below steps to recover the lost project:

  • Restart Filmora on your computer.
  • Go to Files > Open Project.
  • Navigate to Documents > Wondershare Filmora > Backup folder.
  • You will see the list of the unsaved progress of your video project along with the date modified. Double-click on the required file to open it. You can save and continue editing from where you left.

Recover lost video project in Adobe Illustrator

Soon after the app or system crashes, when you restart Adobe Illustrator, notice a file on the top bar with the suffix .recovered. It is your unsaved work before the app crash or shutdown. Simply save the recovered file on your computer.

2. Use a video recovery software

As long as your computer drive is not formatted or overwritten, video recovery software can help to restore lost video projects from video editing software. It works not only when you have accidentally deleted a project but also in case of a virus attack, OS crash, and formatting.

You may try tools like Stellar Photo Recovery that offer a ‘Deep Scan’ utility that helps to thoroughly scan the laptop or PC drive and restore files with their original name and date timestamp. It supports the recovery of video files lost from any video editing software, including Filmora, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Illustrator on PC and Mac. Just download the tool from its official site and follow the easy-to-navigate prompts to recover lost videos from video editing software.

Common causes that can delete work on a video editing software 

  • Accidentally deleted the video project
  • The video editing app crashes while working
  • Computer OS crashes
  • Sudden system shutdown due to power cut
  • Videos lost during file transfer
  • Virus or malware attack

Wrapping Up

Losing your work progress in a video editor is frustrating. The Autosave feature in video editing tools offers a slight hope of video file recovery after an unexpected app shutdown. Note that auto-saving your work won’t occupy much space on your drive. It’s a fair bargain in return of the protection of your hard work if the editing process is abruptly hit. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t enabled ‘Autosave’ or the feature doesn’t work, try video recovery software. The software can save you from losing hours of your work in a video editor.