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7 Essential Tools To Freelance Efficiently

Freelancing can be a rewarding and flexible career choice. Being your own boss and choosing your own schedule is more than likely everyone’s dream. However, with that freedom comes responsibility. Every facet of your business falls on your shoulder, and if you’re not careful it can get very messy. 

Knowing how to freelance efficiently will help you get the clients you need and the opportunities that will help your career grow. That can become tricky as you have so much that you need to be aware of. Thankfully, you will find some great tools that you can use to help ensure that you have a promising career. Everything you need in  Hectic™ One platform to run and grow your entire freelancing business

Hectic: One platform To Run And Grow Your Entire Freelancing Business 

Hectic is an online tool that uses a unique system to help self-employed people. As technology is changing the way we work, devices need to change. This tool is extremely helpful because it allows you to manage your clients and projects, help you with your contracts and proposals, and help with invoices. However, the best part of this is that it will help you with your time tracking and calendar. When you have a tool that can do this for you, you find that you can get twice as much work done, and you can take on more clients if need be.

Google Drive Helps You With Organization

Google Drive is a well-known freelancing tool. Not only is it absolutely free to use, but it is also straightforward to navigate and use. Freelancers can appreciate that they can upload documents promptly, there are no issues, and it saves your work automatically. For freelancers who have spotty internet or trouble remembering to keep backup files, this is a great tool to ensure that no work gets lost. You will also notice that there are free templates to use for resumes and proposals, so you have help in areas you may not be strong in.

QuickBooks Helps Those That Need Financial Guidance

Not everyone is financially minded, and sometimes we need help keeping our books and payments in order. For freelancers, taxes and keeping your receipts organized is one of the most significant issues that you can face, and not managing to do this properly will cost you in the end. That is where this tool can be a lifesaver. You can keep every one of your financial documents in one place and track your expenses. In addition to this, you can use this to help you determine your taxes and what you owe. 

Google Calendar Ensures You Never Miss Anything 

One of the great things that this tool can provide for you is seeing how much you are doing and how much you can realistically take on—for example, using the time blocking to see how you can increase your income and keep yourself from unneeded frustration. When you stop time for each assignment you have, you see how much time it takes you to do something and how much free time you do or don’t have. That helps you ensure that you don’t take on more clients than you can handle. You can also calculate how much each client is paying you per hour and see which clients are worth the effort and which may not be. 

Freedom From Distractions Is What Every Freelancer Needs

Freedom is another helpful tool for freelancers as it helps you distance yourself from distractions. When you work from home on a computer, you will find it straightforward to open another tab on your computer to watch videos or turn on your phone and get sidetracked with social media. Freedom helps illuminate that problem by blocking your time-wasters to get your work done. It also syncs to your devices, so you can’t get around it. That is another great benefit to people who get easily distracted because they reach for other devices, and it can be a vicious cycle.

FollowUp Allows You To Remain Professional 

One thing that freelancers have a problem with is following up with their clients. When you pitch a client and you have invoices or emails, you need to follow up after a certain period to continue a working relationship with you. You will also need to ensure that your client remains in the proper headspace with you, and this is a fantastic way to do this. In addition to that, having this tool at your disposal ensures that you avoid unnecessary frustration at not hearing anything from your client for a week.

Grammarly Helps Clean Up Your Work 

Each freelancer will have their style and their wording. However, what Grammarly can offer you is a chance to clean up errors that you may have written. For example, many people write well, but they can be wordy. Others may have issues with punctuation and spelling. If none of these are your issues, you can still benefit from the plagiarism checker. That ensures your work is always original and that your client can use your work. The slightest sentence can come up as copying someone else’s, and as a result, this is a vital tool to have.

Use These Tools To Your Best Advantage And You Will Succeed 

You can become a much better freelancer when you have these tools at your disposal. You will find that these tools help you avoid distractions, keep up with your clients, and have professional work turned in. While most assume that being a freelancer is easy, it isn’t always that simple. You need to ensure that you can find the clients, handle the workload and keep your clients satisfied. 

The best part of these apps and tools is that you have the opportunity to handle your finances in a better manner. Because finances with freelancers are harder to deal with, you will find yourself incredibly grateful for the help that these apps can provide. Having tools that take care of everything you need causes less stress and will help you continue your work and have a long career ahead of you.