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Best Keywords for Finding Jobs Online 2021

Searching a job online has been a cumbersome thing for some people, as they don’t know the right keywords to use that will appropriately land them to the right job or career opportunities. If you happen to be in such category, then this article is actually meant for you.

In this guide, I have researched and gathered the best ethics to effectively and efficiently walk you through on how best to search for telecommuting job online, through the use of right keywords. Even though there is no single, best niche to look or search for a work at home job online. Many times, some persons end up searching in several and different places; I mean in job boards, forums, company websites, etc.

But unfortunately, these several or different sites make use of different job keywords or tag for home based job online. As company “A” database may decide to tag their own keyword for job as “telecommute” while company “B” will tag theirs “remote.” It is important you note that whenever you write or input keywords to a search engine or job board, these systems usually search the text of the job alert postings. So everything depends on the kind of keywords the poster utilized while describing the job opportunity online.

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How to Search for a Job Online

To find a job online, probably on a company’s web page or on a specified job board that focuses on your line of interest or field of work, then you may likely use the keywords enumerated below the company in order to see the jobs available and also, you have to sort the works by yourself on their page. In case you are searching from the general job search engines, example Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc, you should add a keyword or phrases related to the field of expertise so as to narrow your search results.

keywords to find online job opportunities
keywords to find online job opportunities by techbmc

If you are the type that uses search engine often then I urge you to experiment the keywords that work best, and also endeavor to save your search results. Most of them allow saving especially when you must have registered with them. You also have the option to bookmark the web page results through your browser, either on mobile phone, tablet or pc.

Right keywords to use when searching for a job online:

Work from Home or Work at Home

In the ethics of SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, most search engine ignores words like “from” and “at”, although the words can be used interchangeably. However, in experiment, you will denote that most databases produces different results for the both terminologies.

Terms like “work” and “home” are the two most popular keywords, even though, they are common words that can output extraneous results when it comes to job searching. You can go a step further in adding the words in quotes, in order to bring up the exact matches, but also take note that this excludes keywords in this form “work-at-home”, (most times, turned out to be grammatically correct over the usage.)

In most cases, using just “home” keyword works. Because, it outputs useful “home-based jobs” and also likely to bring up home health care as well as home repair.

Telecommute or Telecommuting

Just as discussed above for work at home and work from home”, these very keywords are popular and may be variably or invariably read interchangeably by job databases. Although you can actually note the one that work best when you must have experimented with the websites you are searching online jobs on. So the website will tell the one that work best for your search.

Even though, telecommuting also bring up jobs listed as “no telecommuting” on most cases.

Virtual or Remote

Unlike telecommute or work at home, the keywords Virtual and remote are not in anyway common, although they are frequently used in describing jobs online. The terms are mostly paired with the words “position” or “office” but it is best practice to search for them alone.

Consultant or Freelance

online job consultant
online job consultant

In most cases, freelance positions happen to be home-based jobs, but you should also note that, it is not all the time. So if you are an independent contractor searching for work to do on your field, then these are exact keywords to use while searching for a job online. You can also use the keyword in this form freelance and freelancing for the searching. If you are thinking of using “consult”, just note that it won’t return good results.


The keyword Home-based is not really popular as other terms listed above. Some job listings uses the correct hyphenated version of the word, but you can also try searching with “home based” without necessarily using hyphen.

Summary for Job Keywords

You are not limited to experimenting the above mentioned keywords on Job websites or search engines. They are undoubtedly going to produce good search results to the available job vacancies and opportunity updates depending on your field of work or profession. So go ahead and search on job listings for the best results. Ref.